Junk removal services for West Side – Vancouver

burnaby junk removalIt would be great, if the city of Vancouver goes back to the way it used to pick up garbage for residents of West Side. About 20 years ago, you, as a tax payer, were allowed to place large items, next to your garbage bins. The city truck would come around, and pick it up for you. Getting the city management to honer their promises , is a topic left for another article. Here, we will cover, what are the options for your, as a resident of West Side, and which one would be the best one for you.

Rubbish removal services

This is the easiest option, but at the same time, it is the one that will also cost you some money. The idea is, that if you don’t have the time to be dealing with other cheaper options, you most likely will find it natural to spend the money, as an alternative. Junk removal companies will be able to provide you will full scale solution. They will come to your place, load everything that needs to be hauled away, and be on their way. Many of them can even help you with some furniture rearranging. There is some labour cost associated with this option, but it is only a fraction compared to the scenario of calling a moving company just for few couches to be moved around.

Cheap vs professional hauling companies

Since your property deserves to be respected, they will be careful of how furniture is taken out of your house. If you decide to save some money on hiring the cheapest company, you most likely will regret that decision, for you pretty much get what you pay for. There are some exceptions, where a cheap company can offer a great service, and a pricey company will leave you very unsatisfied. However, these cases are an exception to the rule.

Cost of junk removal

Single items are easy to price, and most companies will have their rates published on-line. For example, a couch removal service is in the range of $90. For mattress removal, expect a similar rate. Bigger projects are more difficult to price, but after you read the next section, you will see that it is fairly easy to understand.

As a rule, expect the cost of rubbish removal to be around $30-$45 per square yard. One yard is 3 feet by 3 feet. Most hauling trucks are in around 10 cubic yards, so if you have enough items to fill a full truck, the total cost would be around $300-$450. The difference is in how heavy and difficult to remove your junk is. For example, a full load of light furniture will cost you $300, while the same amount of items, but of the heavy kind, will take you in the $450 range.

There also can be some additional labour charges if the items are too far away from the curb or your driveway. Average removal should not take more than an hour. Therefore, anything over that time, you may be charged $50/h.

Scheduling a pick up

Contacting one of those companies, will allow you to get an idea of the cost of removing your junk, and also to get a day and a time, when the guys can come to your place, and remove anything that you don’t want. It is a good idea to give them about 2 days advance notice, for they can be busy. Especially in the summer months.

With this, we complete our brief guide on how to hire a junk removal company on the west-side. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to assist you.