Junk Removal – Small vs big pick ups

Hiring junk removal company

20131228_104011Often people wonder if they should call a rubbish removal company as soon as they have some unwanted garbage or should they wait until they have lots of it. What is the best way to approach this when hiring a junk hauling company in Vancouver? The answer is not as simple but in this article I will try provide you with a simple strategy.

Small junk removal pick ups:

  • Couch

  • Mattresses

  • Dresser

  • Large appliances

  • Other furniture

This list represents some of the items that fall into the small category of pick ups that disposal companies provide. This type of service is very simple to price. Most websites will offer disposal rates for single items. For example a couch removal ranges between $70 and $100. A mattress removal can cost as high as $100 per item. One of the reasons for higher price for a smaller item like this is because mattresses in Vancouver are recycled and they carry extra dumping fee at the city landfill. There is another aspect of this kind of business that clients should be aware of. The price range provided in this article refers to pick ups that involve the truck driving around and picking up other items in your area. This means that if you have a single item and you want to enjoy the lowest price possible, you may have to wait anywhere between few days and a week. Hauling companies pick few days in the week when they pick up all the small orders in one go. If you need it picked up next day, you may have to pay extra $50 for the expedient service.

Large amounts of garbage removal

This constitutes an amount that is more than 2-3 large items or many small ones. Anything over few couches or 10-15 garbage bags is falls into this category. These services carry hauling rates based on volume for the most part. Disposal companies take their garbage to the North Shore Transfer Station and there they pay dumping fees based on weight. When they pick up something from you, it is hard for them to estimate the total weight so they have created pretty good average rate based on volume because they know how much weight that volume could carry. There are exceptions naturally. For example 2 cubic yards of old carpet will weight much less than 2 cubic yards of drywall. It is a good business practice for them to tell you this in advance.

So, which strategy is better when hiring a hauling company?

It depends on how pressed you are for time. If you can wait, you will get much better deal if you break down service charges per item. If you have to have them over your house every few months for smaller amounts of rubbish, overall you will spend more money. The winter is a good time to hire them since then they are not as busy and you may get a really good deal. Also, their schedule is much more open.