Junk removal for South Vancouver


Junk removal services in Vancouver have a bad reputation attached to their name, but there are some simple steps, clients can take, in order to enjoy these services, as they should be. The purpose of this page is to inform people living in South Vancouver, how to hire the best hauling company, for the most affordable rates.

Why hire junk removal services in Vancouver?

The main reason is, that the city is not picking up any large items, or large volumes of garbage. There were times, when this was part of the pick up service, but this is not an option any more. There are also, type of materials, that the city will fine you, if you put them in your garbage bin. This is why, the junk removal industry is booming in the city, but it is also the reason, why there are so many bad companies. It is fairly new industry, and most people are unsure what is involved in hiring waste management company. However, by the time your are done reading this page, you will be equipped with the knowledge required for hiring a professional junk removal company.

Cost of junk removal?

While fully understanding, this is the most important answer, visitors of this page, might be looking for, we would like to discuss something very important, which is related to the issue of bad hauling companies. Most of the problem with unprofessional service providers, comes from the fact that clients look for the cheapest service rates. The spectrum of rates is so vast, that naturally the cheapest companies, get most of the clients. With almost, no exception, most of these clients become victims, of expecting one price, and paying triple by the end of the day.

20150129_112541Now that we have made this important point, lets examine the real junk removal rates. For single items, such as a couch, or a mattress, the disposal rate is ranging between $80-$90. Adding more items, will add anywhere from $20-$50 for each additional piece. However, there comes a point, where it makes sense to calculate rates, based on volume. Per cubic yard, the average for Vancouver is around $40. Just keep in mind, that you would need 2-3 cubic yards minimum amount of junk, before you can enjoy that rate.

There are exceptions to that rule as well. Certain type of garbage, or heavy items, will carry extra. Since service providers, have to pay disposal fees at the dump, based on weight, if you have heavy tiles for disposal, there is no way for them to charge you $40/cubic yard of tiles. Mattresses and boxsprings have recycling fees, and those are added to the total cost of junk. For example if you have 2 cubic yards of junk, and then add a mattress on top, then your total fees will be in the range of $120.

How to hire a good junk removal company in South Vancouver?

Most of these bad players, have great websites, so give up on trying to make decision based on presentable website. Your best course of action, is to call them and listen to how, you are being treated on the phone. This is not to say, that unprofessional companies, do not hire professional customer representatives. Speak personally to them, and see if they are showing any signs of being dishonest. Ask about some of the information, you have picked up from this site, and see if they will lie to you.

This document will continue on being updated, but for now, we believe, this page has armed you with enough information to be able to hire a good junk removal company.