How much does Junk Removal cost?

$45-$60 per cubic yard ~  240 L Garbage bin

1 cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet.  Prices are based on minimum 2 cubic yards per visit.

Different types of garbage

Keep in mind that not all rubbish is the same. The Vancouver waste management stations have different rates for different types of garbage. Therefore, drywall disposal is more expensive than regular garbage hauling. This this particular case, the rate is almost double. Some other items needs to be recycled instead of being thrown with the other trash. For example mattress and box spring carry extra recycling fee which the city collects. As you can see it is a good idea to talk to your rubbish disposal company before they arrive at your property so you are have an idea what the cost will be.

Big junk removal jobs vs small junk removal jobs

There are two types of junk removal jobs. Small jobs involve few items and those are reasonably priced. However, companies cannot prices them too low since it takes almost the same amount of time for them to drive your couch to the dump as it take to drive 10 of your couches. The lines ups are the same regardless how loaded the truck is. The same holds for the gas used to drive to your place and back to the city landfill. Some of the large 1800 Junk companies can schedule their pickup dates in a way that they can place all the small jobs within the same day, but this limits their clients availability. You won’t really get a choice on the date and time when they will show up. Even in those cases, the savings are maybe in the $10 range.

Bigger jobs are more expensive but you get more rubbish removed for the money you spent. Usually junk removal prices are based on how full their truck is by the time they are done loading. In reality these companies get charged at the dump based on weight but charging clients per volume is an easier estimator of how much their disposal fees will be. In some cases the garbage being removed is much heavier and they should tell you in advance that this is the case. For example tiles, heavy furniture can add significant amount to the weight and this will be reflected the junk removal rates the client will get.


How to save on the junk removal rates?

There are few way you can save some money on your rubbish disposal services. Separate the different type of rubbish. Cardboard, electronics, green waste,  and metal are types of waste that is taken to recycling facilities and it cannot be mixed with the garbage. Also, get it close to the curb so it can be loaded faster. The less time the crew spends loading, the lower your junk removal rates will be.

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