On the subject of garbage removing prices in North Vancouver

draywallremoval342How much does it cost to definitely get your rubbish hauled away? This is a question many residents of North Vancouver are confronted with and finding trustworthy information on disposal rates can be challenging. I should cover some significant information on what these prices are based, before I start listing average crap disposal prices and fees.

Running a rubbish removal business in North Vancouver is pricey and most of those expenses come from sources that most individuals aren’t conscious of. For example most think that hauling companies simply pay for their gas, labour and dumping fees at the North Shore Transfer Station in North Vancouver. But, there are several other hidden costs that can’t be seen by the customer. The city of West Vancouver, BC ¬†introduces these usually pressure companies and new waste administration regulations each year to adjust the way that they do business. For example, in the past we were able to pickup a load of garbage and only dispose it at the dump. Nowadays, a rubbish disposal company needs to sort out trash into different categories and visit few places around Vancouver to dispose them according to recycling regulations.

Most rates are based on the volume your garbage takes. Trash disposal fees range everywhere from $350 to $750 depending on how big the business is. However, be ready to hear some wild estimates. We had many clients who called another junk disposal company which quoted them $1200 per load. This is unrealistic way of doing business in Vancouver. The problem with comparing costs is that some companies operating in Vancouver use little tricks to hide additional fees. For example you may be quoted $ 300 but at the end of the job you’ll be informed that this didn’t contain the dumping fees. It is a common practice in the waste disposal business in British Columbia. When comparing disposal fees, make sure you’re comparing whole rates which include labour, disposal fees, taxes and other additional fees.

The wood and metal is removed from the mattress for recycling. Taking apart the mattress is a difficult process and so, junk removal companies are billed additional fees on top of the disposal fees. That cost is passed to the client.

Then each item carries a disposal fee, if you have single or couple of items including furniture. For single items you need to watch out for small companies that are essentially a guy with a pick up truck working part time. A lot of these guys are undependable and you could wind up losing the entire day waiting for him. Also you need to consider the fact you have to let this guy in your house. Where there are guys offering cheap home services for the purpose of casing the property we hear of cases from Craigslist.