20140122_111018Welcome to our Junk Removal Services page. Our hauling company specializes in providing professional services in the Vancouver area of British Columbia. Rubbish disposal is not as complicated as most people think and our hope is that the information published on this site will help you get all the answers you have regarding procedures and service rates. Our company services all the major cities in the Vancouver area such as Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster and Coquitlam.


How much does it cost to do junk removal?

$45 per cubic yard ~  240 L Garbage bin

1 cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Prices are based on minimum 2 cubic yards per visit.

Disposal rates are explained in details under our rates section which can be found on the top menu. However, here is a quick run on the way we price our rubbish removal services.

Hauling fees are based on how far we have to drive to your property, how heavy is your garbage, what kind of garbage do you need us to dispose of, how accessible the trash is on your property. Lets cover some of those variables:

  • Distance to your address – Most clients are within what we consider a normal distance. Anything within 20km will not add too much to our time spent on the road and traffic. The cities listed above except Coquitlam fall within our normal area of service.
  • Weight of the waste – Our disposal fees listed under the rates webpage reflect an average load of garbage in relation to how heavy it is. Full load of furniture will be much lighter than a full load of broken down furniture. When furniture is broken down, lot more of it can be fit into a full load. Since our disposal company is charged at the North Shore Transfer Station by the weight, naturally we have to add that extra charge to heavier loads. Other heavier type of junk can be tiles, wet furniture, rocks and concrete.
  • Types of garbage – There are two types of rubbish that carry extra fees. One is mattress and boxspring. Those two items are recycled by the city of Vancouver and recycling fee is imposed on them.
  • Accessibility on your property – This is the variable that can bring the most additional fees. In our industry it is a standard to have the junk at the curb or your driveway. If your rubbish is anywhere on the property where our truck can pull close to, you will not be having any additional fees. Labour is costly and some difficult jobs can take as much as 4-6 hours to load into the truck. Depending on how many people are working that day, labour cost can be anywhere between $40-$60 per hour.


How big is a full load of garbage?

The bin/box on top of our truck is 10-12 cubic yards. It measures 12 fee long by 7 feet wide by 5 feet high. In some cases we can place as much as 2 tons of garbage. It is a big box! It would be easy to fit as many as 7-8 couches. You don’t have to fill in the whole truck. Our rates cover different fractions of full load.

Single items pickups

Sometimes our clients need only a single couch to be picked up. In those cases we just send one of our guys with a large pick up. However, since the pickup is quite large (long box) we also use it for jobs when clients have 2 or even 3 couches or other smaller loads.

Operational Hours

We start our pickups at 10 am and we try to finish by 4 pm since the traffic in Vancouver can add significant time to our labour cost. However, we do some after hours pickups for clients who are not able to be at home during the day. Call us to find out if we can do this for your location.


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