Kitsilano Junk Removal Service

20151023_095521You love your place in Kits but for some subtle reason you are not enjoying the space as much as you should be. This is because your place has some items that have no utility or meaning to you. The former reason is obvious to most people, but the latter effect on the mind is often overlooked. So, now that you realize what space means to your mind, how do you go about and find a solution for the items you don’t want? This article will walk you through some of the options available to people in Vancouver.

Calling a junk removal company

Hiring a rubbish removal company is an option that will take care of your “challenge” in a complete  fashion. The guys will come to your house and do all the work. You don’t have to worry about what material goes where. The majority of people have the false believe that all items are simply taken to the city landfill. This may have been true 10 years ago, but in environment conscious city like Vancouver, this is to the case anymore, and for good reasons.

What is the cost of junk removal in Vancouver?

This is a question most of my new clients have ready for me. This is not the most important question but it is understandable as to why for someone who is new to this service, will rank it high. 

If you conduct are quick google search for rates on junk removal services in Vancouver, you will discover that the information is all over the place. Some disposal companies will claim rates as low as $70 per visit, and others will have a minimum charge or $150. Due to competition, most garbage removal companies have taken the decision to put all their efforts in “appearing” as if they have the lowest rates. One way to do this, is to post a low rate, that excludes charges that will be added to the total cost, after all the work is done. I think at this point, you might be sensing as to why the price of this service is not the most important answer you should be looking for. You just won’t get a good answer, unless you can answer the questions I am about to introduce you to.

How to tell which company can provide good services?

Now, this is the most important question one should answer. Once you manage to do so, the other questions will be answered in the “right” way.

Speak directly to companies. Get a sense of how they are treating you over the phone. When you are asking them about extra fees, pay a close attention to their honesty. Any service provider in Vancouver who tells you that there are no extra fees, no matter what the circumstances are, is laying to you. All junk removal projects are different and therefore rates have to be flexible.

For example, some clients have items that are very heavy. Since rubbish removal companies pay – for the most part- disposal fees to the city, based on weight, then they have to charge more clients with heavy items. The list is not that long for such exceptions, but they are there more often than companies like to admit to their clients.

After many years in my business, I have come to a point where I am fine loosing business to clients who don’t want to hear the truth. I have come to understand that this type of clients do not stick for long anyways. The same is true for companies that are playing the rate game. They don’t stick around for that long too. They seem to be lacking a long-term focus on what they are building, and for that reason, they get out of the business in 4-5 years.

Use this concept to judge as to who do you want to hire for getting rid of your junk.

How to book an appointment for junk removal in Kitsilano?

The best way to book a pick up is to call us at 604-910-7549.  We are aware that for many of you, this will be a new experience, so we are ready to answer any questions. No matter how silly you think they are. We prefer such questions than clients with assumed answers.

Hope this article will assist you in hiring a reliable and honest junk removal company in Kitsilano.