Mattress Pick up – North Vancouver

I had to drive to Vancouver to pick up another mattress. My client had rented a van but she didn’t want to deal with the North Shore Transfer Station, so she called me to do some junk removal for her. This was a smart decision on her side. Junk Removal is not a task for anyone. I know it is in my interest to say that but trust me, it is not worth the money you save unless you know what you are doing. Also it was a good idea she didn’t go with one of those got junk companies. She called them and was shocked that they had minimum $100 just to show up to see her junk. Anyways, this junk removal order was just for a mattress. Usually, orders of this sort have a mattress and a boxspring. The client was moving to out of Vancouver and she had to be out of her apartment by the noon. So I gave her an early junk removal appointment. I drove to Vancouver very quickly since it was too early for traffic to appear. I called her and she came to open the door for me. We went upstairs and she told me that besides the mattress she wants to junk the bed frame. I decided to be nice to her and told her my junk removal fee will not increase. I was in a good mood and I had dump some extra junk from the day before so I didn’t mind taking a little bit extra rubbish. Her apartment building had big hallways and dragging the mattress was easy. I put it on the junk removal truck and drove it to North Shore Transfer Station.