Mattress Removal


  • Disposal fee  – $90 plus 5% GST
  • Disposal fee for mattress and box spring – $140 plus 5% GST

At some point, the mattress you love so much is getting too old and it needs to go for recycling. This is when our mattress removal services come into play. Pick up the phone or email our junk removal company and your old mattress will be disposed of in no time.

Questions? Read on…

 Mattress Removal Price

The fees for our mattress recycling service is $90 plus 5% GST .  Our junk removal business recycles all the mattresses using the city of Vancouver recycling program.


Give us a call and we will book a mattress removal  pick up date and hour that works for you. Let us know if it wet. In order to enjoy the curbside discounted rate, please have it at the curb or outside your house or building.

I have more than one mattress

Our fee for Mattress removal is $90. Each additional mattress that you add is $50.

Mattress and Box Spring Recycling in Vancouver

Since January 2011 Vancouver City introduced new rules on recycling of mattresses and box springs. In the past, this type of furniture was just disposed of as a regular junk. They were weighed and the rubbish fee was based only on that factor. This year, however, all mattresses and box springs in Vancouver must be recycled.

What is City of Vancouver recycling from this type of furniture?

It is taken apart. Most have springs inside so the metal is recycled and the fabric is thrown away as garbage. A box spring has wood and metal inside that can be recycled and it is of a significant amount. Trying to dispose of a mattress or box spring in the dump illegally will land you a fine of $50. All dump grounds in Vancouver have city inspectors and they are watching very carefully and we don’t advice anyone trying to hide it inside the rubbish.


Where can I throw away a mattress in Vancouver?

Many people ask themselves this question. The first thing that most would consider is to leave it behind the garbage bin of their building. We had quite a few cases where the manager will call us to come and pick up those mattresses. Usually, the tenants who have left it there get a nasty fine by the condo management for disposing junk on the grounds of the building. In some cases, it is as high as $200. Buildings have cameras and it is almost impossible to sneak it out of your building without being seen by other people or the surveillance camera. We strongly advise against taking this risk.





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