Reasons to hire professional junk removal company in West Vancouver

This article will examine the problematic nature of hiring a cheap junk removal company. The disposal industry is known for the good service that has been providing on the North Shore, but it is also famous for being very unreliable.

Cost of Junk removal

So, why spend more money on junk removal and hire a professional service? Lets start with the fact that you are letting them on your property, and most likely in your house. Cheap disposal companies will also look for cheap labour, and this human factor will become your issue, as soon as they show up at your door. You will be dealing with moody individuals and you better get used to some cursing while the work is done.

As a matter of a fact, these cheap services are often costing more to unsuspecting clients. The following game takes place with the usual victim. The client calls a junk removal company. He is quoted $150 for a job. The team arrives and all is loaded. Then he is told that the quote does not include dumping fee, labour, and some other extra fees, that are completely made up. At that point the total service cost jumps to $600!

Most clients will protest, but this only unravels the next level of the game. The guys start to get verbally abusive, and in some cases they would try to even add a threatening body language. Most clients would want to avoid confrontation, so they would just pay for the whole ordeal to be over.

If, however, they refuse, then they are threatened with the possibility of dumping all the garbage back in an area of the property that will be problematic for the client. By that time, the client realizes the trap he has walked into,but it is too late to do anything about it.

So, as you can see, the dynamic of this service, allows some companies to take advantage of their clients. There are some cheap junk removal companies who will provide good services, but they don’t really last for that long. Setting their prices as low as some of the bad companies, only bleeds them, and in under 1 years, they are out of business. They either will have to adopt the unfair game, or raise their rates. The 3rd option is to go out of business.

So, it is better to do your research prior to hiring a hauling company in West Vancouver. I hope that this article has articulated enough the issue at hand, and you have a better understanding of how this issue can be addressed.

Thank you for reading.