Removing a couch from Downtown Vancouver

Downtown couch disposal

If you live downtown, and you have a couch to get rid off, this page will offer you all the information required to dispose of your couch. Our junk removal company does offer couch disposal services to commercial and residential clients in Vancouver, but we also can offer you some alternative information. Please read on.

Free alternatives for disposing a couch

Check with your building to see if there is a program under which, the management has arrangements with disposal companies. Perhaps, part of your condo fees are going forwards such deals. Your building managers is the person you should talk to on this matter.

You can also try to sell it. If your couch is in good  shape, then you could sell it on Craigslist. Just make sure you give yourself some time before you need the couch gone for sure. It is not uncommon for people to show interests for you furniture but not show up few nights in a roll. If you have to move out or you are getting a new couch on Monday, don’t wait to put it online on Friday. Give it a week.

Giving it away for free on Craigslist is also an option, but this one is surprisingly less reliable than selling it. For some psychological reason, things that are for free, are not valued as much, and the “no show” problem is even more common. 

Dumping it at the back of your building. Don’t do this. You will get fined and even if you avoid the building cameras, it is simply wrong. I am sure you have seen couches and other garbage at the back alleys. I am sure you didn’t like it.

Hiring a junk removal company

This is the easiest option that you should take if you don’t mind spending some money. Junk removal companies have been offering furniture disposal services for some time in the downtown area of Vancouver. They have become very efficient at it.

Cost disposing of a couch for Vancouver downtown area

Large furniture items such as your sofa or a mattress cost $100. This includes all fees. There are some rubbish removal companies which offer much cheaper rates, but most of the time they are not including all the fees and at the end of the pick up, they hit the client with even a higher rate.

Having more than one couch

If you have 2 couches, or a 2nd item of similar size, then the latter is around $70. If you have few additional smaller items such as some chairs, microwave or a tv, they are about $20 each on top of the price of the first couch.

How to book a pick up

This step is very quick and easy. Just give us a call on 604-910-7549 and you will have a date and a time within 2 min. We offer after hours pick up for Downtown Vancouver. We know that most people are busy 9-5 and taking a day off just to get rid of a couch is easily avoidable.

Book us now:  604-910-7549

Do we recycle your couch?

It depends on the condition of your couch. Furniture that is good for use, we take to Value Village or Salvation Army. However, we cannot take Mattresses or boxsprings to charities. Due to fears of bedbugs, charities will not take them. While that is said, we do recycle all mattresses and boxsprings.