Renfrew – Collingwood junk removal services

20150129_112553What do you do if you live in Renfrew-Collingwood area, and you need to get rid of lots of household items, that the city of Vancouver would not pick up? This page will help you understand, what are your best options.

Junk removal companies in Renfrew – Collingwood area

There are many rubbish removal companies servicing Vancouver, but not all are of the right quality or type, that will provide a client with the best solutions. Some are too big, too expensive, too small, too unreliable. All industries suffer from this reality, but in the case of the waste management industry, the problem is exceptionally bad.

How to find the best and cheapest hauling company?

Before we continue, I would like to say, that in the business of waste management, “you get what you pay for”, is not exaggerated. The only difference is that in many cases, you might end up paying lots of money on getting rid of your unwanted items, and still get a bad service. Hence, me writing this article.

Lets simplify things first, and then go into details. The simple rule is that most big companies, will provide you with a good service, but you will be paying a high price. The small companies – a guy with a pickup truck – will save you money, but most of them are very unreliable. Lets examine each case.

Big disposal companies

These are the typical 1-800-JUNK vendors. They really take care of their clients, but they are overpriced, and in some cases, take advantage of the customer. For example, they would introduce extra fees, based on the fact that the client needs a special items to be disposed of. While there are some items of such nature, the big companies are exaggerating the extra cost of disposing of those items. In many cases, they would even lie that a particular items is of a special kind.

Affordable junk disposal companies

This is how these vendors are marketing themselves, but in most cases, the price is too good to be truth. The story will change on the day, they arrive to remove your garbage. You can always send them home, but if you look at the cost vs benefits of this decisions, quite often, it makes sense to just pay. Most clients are too busy to reschedule. In some instances, these “a guy with a pickup truck” companies can even get aggressive if you are to send them home. There is also the issue of dealing with people who don’t take their business too seriously. It is just a weekend, extra cash-type of operation. You are also letting this person, into your house, which has its own potential complications.

So, how do you find a good hauling company? Focus on the middle size businesses in Vancouver, but at the same time, don’t forget that some of the above mentioned problems, can be found in those companies too. Next paragraph will teach you how to spot them.

Search for companies in Renfrew – Collingwood area, or Vancouver in general. Check the top 5-6 on the list and give them a call. Listen to how you are being treated on the phone. Ask specific questions, and if you get answers, that should dishonest to you, it is time to move onto the next call.

Cost of junk removal ?

Single items are in the range of $80-$90. For example for a couch removal the cost would be $90. For a mattress removal it can get as high as $100. If you have more than 1-2 items, then the cost of rubbish removal gets cheaper per item. It is best to talk to the customer representative for more precise pricing. Each case is different. For example, how far is your couch from the curb side? Where is it in the house? This will make a difference in the total cost, since it will determine if the company needs to send one or two guys to pick it up. How soon do you need your couch removed? Scheduling plays significant role in rates. If you need the couch removed next day, the company may have to send a whole big truck just for one couch. Naturally, this will cost you more.

Large volumes of junk, will be priced differently, but as a general rule, the cost of junk removal for large volumes, is around $40 per square yard. One yard is 3 feet. In such large volumes, labour cost may change also. For 10 cubic yards, you will get about 1 free hour of labour. If it takes longer for the guys to load it into the truck, then the labour cost can be as high as $60/hour, after the first free hour.

As you can see, the junk removal service in Vancouver is not as complicated as originally thought. Just follow these simple rules and you will be happy with the company that will help you get rid of your unwanted junk.