How to get rid of a couch in Vancouver?

If you live in Vancouver and you’re looking to get rid of your old couch, this page will assist you in doing so. There are few options available to you, and depending on your circumstances you will be able to determine which one is the best for you. We will cover each option in this article.

Calling a junk removal company

This is the easiest option , but it will cost you some money. There are many rubbish companies in British Columbia , but not all of them are good for hire. To find out how to hire the best junk removal company in Vancouver, please follow this link. We have written extensively on this topic .

How much does it cost to get rid of an old couch ?

The average rate for disposal of an old couch is $90. This price can fluctuate depending on the company that you are using, but if you hire a professional company you should be expecting this price range.

What is the price of couch removal if you have more than one item? Each additional furniture item of this size, will add about $50 on top of the first $90. Having more than two or three items of this size, gets you in a different pricing system, which is much cheaper per item. However, this is for bigger disposal projects.

Donating your couch

This option will not cost you any money,providing that you have the transportation. Some local charities in Vancouver will accept furniture that is in a good condition. This is very important point, for some people have a different understanding of what a good condition is. Make sure you give them a call before you make your way to the charity, otherwise you might be wasting your time.

Selling it on Craigslist

This option even makes you money. However, make sure that people will have interest in buying your couch. Again, if your couch is not in a good condition, you will have a hard time selling it.

In some cases even donating it for free to someone on Craigslist, will be a challenge. Why is that the case? Because for some reason buyers from Craigslist always seem to have a problem with transportation. Be prepared to spend few nights at home waiting for people to come and pick up the couch, only to find out that they have to cancel again. Make sure you are doing only with serious buyers.

Take the couch to the dump

So you have made the decision that your couch is too old for anybody to be interested in, and you have decided to get rid of it yourself. You know where the city dump is and you have the transportation. Make sure you call them and ask for instructions , because all landfills in Vancouver, have strict rules to follow.

In the event that you don’t have your own transportation, you have to rent a van or pickup truck. Keep in mind that if you take this option , the savings are not that great . It might be better to hire a professional hauling company to get rid of the old couch. Renting a truck can cause as much as $80 for the day. The two plus hours you have to spend to drive it to the dump and to return the truck may sway you to give up on this option. However, if you want the adventure, you should try it.

We hope that this information assist you in making the best decision on how to get rid of you old furniture. If you’re looking for more information feel free to examine our website. We have written articles on pretty much every aspect of the junk removal business in British Columbia. You can always call us on our phone number 604 – 910 – 7549. Good luck!