How to get rid of an old couch in Vancouver?

Sofa removalIf you are reading this article, you have probably become aware that the city of Vancouver garbage pick up services, will not be able to help you with your old couch, and you will need to find alternative solutions. In this post, you will be provided with some of the options available to you, if you live in Vancouver, and you need to get rid of a couch or a sofa.

Couch removal services for Vancouver

This is the easiest solution, but it will costs you some money. Junk removal companies provide the service of picking up your couch and taking it to the landfill. As a matter of a fact, they can do that for pretty much any type and size of furniture.

Couch removal rates

The cost of disposing of an old sofa is in the area of $80. If you have more than one couch, each additional one is about half the rate of the first item. For example, getting a hauling company to get rid of two couches, will cost you close to $120.

In some rare cases, there can be extra fees applied to this service. As in the case when the furniture has been left outside to soak the rain. Rubbish removal companies pay disposal fees at the dump, that are based on weight. Wet furniture can almost double in weight. Therefore, if you want to avoid such extra fees, try to keep the items dry.

One of the free option is to try to sell it or donate it. You can post your couch online and see if anyone can take it. Give this adventure a little bit time, because it take a while before the right person shows more than just interests. People have the tendency to show great interest for free furniture, but often they never actually come to pick it up.

Getting rid of the couch yourself

You have the option to rent a truck and haul it to the dump yourself. The process might save you $20, and it is really up to your circumstances that determine if such saving is worth the time and effort. However, you have that option.