How to get rid of an old couch in West Point Grey?

Regardless of how much you may love you old couch, there comes a time when you have to replace it with a new one. However, how do you get rid of your old sofa? This article will cover some of the options you have, if you are living in the West Point Grey neighbourhood.

Hiring couch removal services

This option involves you calling a junk removal company that operates in Vancouver. Obviously, they will have a fee for hauling it away to the dump, but if your time is of value, then this option is the most attractive to you.

couch_removalCost of couch disposal?

Like most other furniture disposal fees, a rubbish removal company from West Point Grey will charge you around $90. They will load the couch onto their truck, and take it to the city landfill. Extra fees could be added, if for example, you need the couch hauled away in an urgent matter. Therefore, it is better to plan ahead, so you can avoid such fees, which could be as high as 50% on top of the base charge.

Junk removal companies are not all the same in Vancouver

Remember this point, and you will avoid unnecessary headache. The quality of hauling services in Vancouver is all over the place. The same can be said about rates, but this is a good indication for you, of how you can filter out the bad apples.

Low vs high rates

With few exceptions, if a trash removal company is charging you too little for removing your couch, you will probably get what you pay for. Low rates, usually means, that they may not even show up for the pick up, or they are lying to you, just so they can book you. Once the job is done, they will hike their rate, under the pretext that your sofa is of some special sort.

As for rates that are too high, we don’t really need to discuss, why those companies should be avoided. You want to get the best deal, and spending too much over the average $90, is not economical.

Now that we have established that money is not everything, how do you screen hauling companies on their other aspects, such as quality of service?

You will probably fail in this task, if you are judging them by the image they put forward. Nowadays, it is affordable to purchase a professional-looking website, and hide incompetence behind it.

Now that I have taken away one important marker, how do you then judge a company? Read their reviews. However, make sure you don’t read the reviews that they have published on their site. They are most likely a fiction.

Read the ones that are published by independent companies. Such as google and yelp. However, keep in mind that even some of those are scripted. If a review sounds too much like a company statement, most likely it is a fake one.

Call them

The other method you should apply, is to call them. If they are rude to you on the phone, I bet you that they will be the same on the day they come to your house. It seems that most of the bad companies have established an internal culture of rudeness, and they find it hard to hide it.

This is not to suggest that a bad company cannot hire a pleasant customer service representative, but for some reason, most of them don’t think of doing that for some reason. It is almost as if they want to be open about it.

Donating your couch

This is an option that will save you money, but it will take away from your time. Some charities will take furniture, if it is in a good condition. This is a point you need to be unbiased about. Just because you love your old couch, it doesn’t mean that others will see it as a furniture item that is in good shape.

In addition, makes sure you check before you take it to a specific charity. Often, they are full, and they will not be able to take it.

Taking the couch to the dump

If you have the transportation, you can also do it yourself. You will probably save some money in the process, but this will be at your time expense. You stand to save about $50, but you will need to spend 2-3 hours on disposing it.

If you don’t have your own transportation, then it probably doesn’t make much of economical sense to dispose the couch yourself. Renting a van, or a pickup truck will get you at a point, where you will spend the same money, as you would pay a junk removal company. This option is attractive only if you want the adventure.

I hope that this article will assist you in making the right – for you- decision on which option to take in getting rid of your couch in West Point Grey. Good luck!