How to get rid of an old mattress in Vancouver?

If you were ever wondering, what are you supposed to do with an old mattress, you have come to the right place. Here I will cover this topic into details, so you can decide which option is the best for getting rid of your mattress, or a box spring for that matter.

Mattress removal services

20141129_124606This is the obvious option, but this is not to apply, that it will be the best option for you. This is the option that will cost you the most money, but at the same time, will require a minimum effort on your side. Junk removal companies in Vancouver will be able to provide you with a good mattress disposal services.

Mattress recycling

It should be mentioned that a mattress in BC, is not to be thrown with the rest of the rubbish. The by-law is requiring all rubbish removal companies to recycle all mattresses or boxsprings. They are taken to the right facility and a recycling fee is applied.

Cost of mattress removal for Vancouver

Since a recycling fee is applied, the disposal rate for a mattress is a bit higher, than if you had simply some garbage amounting to the same volume, as the mattress. Depending on the hauling company, rates can be as low as $70 and as high as $100. In the even of more than one mattress, then the prices for 2nd and 3rd, will drop to ½, in pretty much all cases.

Selling or donating it

This seems to be the most attractive option, but it will be almost an impossible task. For a city that has such a big bed bugs problem, people are simply afraid to buy used mattress. Donating it is equally hard to do, for the same stated reasons. You might end up driving around from charity to charity, only to find out, that you are shooting in the dark. There are some charities that could take it, but it has to be in a very good condition.

Disposing of the mattress yourself

This option is also attractive, if you happen to have a van, or a pickup truck. Taking it down to the city landfill, will cost you less in recycling and disposal fees, but you may have to take few hours of your day, depending on how far you live from the dump. Also, the lineup at the city landfill can add more time to how long you will be there.

Hope that this little guide will provide you with enough information for making the right decision. There isn’t one perfect option for every one. That depends on your circumstances.