Getting rid of a Mattress in West Point Gray

Mattress Removal and Box Spring disposalBy now, everyone living in Vancouver is aware, that the city by-law does not allow for mattresses or boxsprings, to be disposed with the rest of the garbage. They are all recycled the proper way. This page will provide you with some useful information , on how to get rid of your old mattress if you live in West Point Gray.

Hiring junk removal company for mattress removal

This option is fairly easy to choose. It cost money, but it will save you time and headache. Junk removal companies operating in Vancouver, provide mattress disposal services for residents of West Point Gray.

What is the cost for hauling a mattress to the landfill?

Fees can range, depending on how many you have. Each mattress costs around $90. This includes all fees.

How to find a good rubbish removal company to haul away your mattress?

The best way is to screen the calls you make to them. There is a correlation between bad services and rude customer service. Reading reviews, will also assist you in avoiding the bad services.

What if you have more than one mattress?

Each additional mattress is cheaper than the first one. Usually it is in the range of 50% discount.

When to book an appointment?

One way to avoid extra fees, is to plan ahead. If you need your mattress to be disposed of in hurry, you may have to pay more, since the company has to send a big truck, just for one mattress. Usually, scheduling is done is such fashion, that each visit to your neighborhood, is done for more than few items. This way, cost related to driving time and fuel cost, are spread between each mattress.

Bed bugs problems?

Most companies will stay away from picking up mattresses infested with bedbugs. However, there will be some, that will be willing to haul it away for you.

Mattress Recycling

All will be recycled at a facility designated for that purpose. Junk removal companies in Vancouver, pay extra recycling fees for each mattress. The fabric, metal, and wood is taken away for reuse.

Donating your old mattresses

This option is destined to fail, due to the fact that charities have the policy of not accepting them anymore. The main reason for this decision, is related to the bed bug problem in Vancouver.

With this, we will complete this little article, and ff you need us to get rid of your mattress, we will be glad to do so.