How to get rid of a refrigerator in Vancouver?

Appliance and Refrigerator RecyclingIf you live in Vancouver, and you need to get rid of your old refrigerator, then this article will be useful for you. Large appliances must be recycled, but junk removal companies can help you with that as well. Lets go over some of the options you have for getting rid of your old fridge.

BC Hydro

It is pretty much common knowledge that BC Hydro will pick up your fridge, and even give you some money. I am not sure if everyone can qualify for the credit, but I won’t be surprise if the majority of people living in Vancouver do. The credit is in the range of $30. There might be some limitation on how many time you can use this program per household, but I don’t think it will be that difficult to figure it out. Just give them a call, and see what you need do to, so you can enter the recycling program the city of Vancouver offers.

Using junk removal service for old refrigerator

This is your other option. This will cost you some money. Disposal rates are in the range of $70-$90, depending on the company, and how soon you need it hauled away. If you need it picked up on the same day, or next day, disposal fees might be even higher. The reason for this extra charge, is that the rubbish removal company has to send a big truck, just for one refrigerator. If you can wait few days, then they will pick it up on a day, that they are doing their runs in your area.

BC Hydro vs Junk removal service

Why would you pay for hauling services, when you can get money for your fridge or freezer from the BC recycling program? The issue with the recycling program is that you have to wait 4-8 weeks, before they will send someone to get it.

If you can wait, then go for the free option. If you can’t, or you have other rubbish to get rid of, then a garbage removal company will be a better option.

Recycling large appliances

I should mention that junk removal companies must recycle any electronics and large appliances. Some people might be concerned that if they hire a junk removal company, the refrigerator will end up in the dump. Nowadays, it is impossible to operate in this manner in Vancouver. Fines are stiff, and it actually does not cost the hauling guys any extra to get rid of an old freezer.

I am hoping that this little article has clarified your options on what to do with your old refrigerator.