Rubbish Removal – North Vancouver

Earlier in the day I had a call from another client who needed some renovation junk removed from his house. He was changing this hardwood flooring and had some old wood, cardboard, a toilet seat and furniture. I told him that I have another rubbish disposal job in the morning but I will give him a call when I am finished. Once I was done with the first junk removal job I called him and we met at his house. He didn’t seem to think that his rubbish is worth one truck load. He was thinking that it will be half a junk truck. However, I have been in the junk removal business for some time and I am pretty good at rubbish estimation. I told him that I can’t charge him for half truck. However, when I got all the rubbish into the truck he realized that I was right. Sometimes when junk is all over the place, it looks like it is a lot less rubbish. I placed the cardboard at the bottom because this is the last rubbish that I will need to unload from the junk removal truck. Then I drove to the North Vancouver Junk Station and got rid of the rubbish.