Rubbish Removal in Vancouver BC

Rubbish Removal in Vancouver BC

The rubbish removal services in Vancouver are the type of thing that most people would rather not deal with. However, this is not something that they can avoid since most cities in British Columbia would not pick up all the garbage generated by people. If you are one of those people who have to hire a junk removal company and you live in Vancouver, this article will help you prepare you for this task.

How to find a good rubbish disposal company in Vancouver BC?

Just like any other services, you have to do your research before you hire the right hauling company. In this case, the internet would be the most practical place to start with. Get a list of companies operating in Vancouver or the neighboring cities such as Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver or even Coquitlam and look at their rates. Rates are not really the most important part of finding the best  disposal service but it is a good start. I have to warn you that disposal rates are a bit misleading and it is like comparing apples with bananas. For a start, most waste disposal companies lie about their service fees. Their website will list one price and you will end up paying double in many cases. Therefore, asking the right questions is the way to go. The moment they start dancing around these questions, you need to hang up and call the next vendor. If they are dishonest with you on the phone, they will do it later when they are hauling away your rubbish. One of the most important question is “Are there any hidden fees?”. I guarantee you that with most jobs there will be. It is just that they don’t need to be hidden. Every trash pickup is different. A company may give you a particular rate but once they arrive they might find some type of rubbish which requires them to take it to a place outside Vancouver and naturally that will cost them more money in labour and gas.  There is nothing unfair about his reality. It is just that it needs to be made clear to clients.

Another way to tell if the company provides a good services is to listen to how you are treated on the phone. Manner are important on the phone and while they are providing you with their services. The person on the phone is in a way the representative of the garbage removal company. That individual represents the subculture in that company. Many of my clients have told me that they decided to use my company not because it has the lowest rates but because of how professional I handled them on the phone and how everything was explained to them.

How much does it cost to remove your junk?

This is a question most clients will have. As I stated earlier, not two projects are the same but the garbage hauling industry has come up with pretty good averages deriving from the volume, weight, proximity and type of rubbish clients need hauled away. There are two types of rates. The first one is when you have a single item such as a couch removal. Most vendors operating in Canada will have a minimum charge due to the fact that most of their core expenses do not change regardless of the size of the load. In general it is anywhere between $70 and $120. Mattress removal would have a higher rates since they are recycled and there are extra fees of about $30 for each. Once you have more than few items then it pretty much becomes about how much volume your rubbish will take in the truck. Most companies will list rates under the assumption that your garbage is piled on the curb or on the driveway. There will be extra fees if they have to spend too much time hauling it from inside your house. Therefore, you can avoid paying extra service fees by having it all outside your property. Some types of waste material such as drywall is recycled and that can cost more but a professional company will let you know in advance regarding this rule.

My intent in this article is to provide you with better information on the rubbish removal services in Vancouver and I hope it has answered your most of your questions. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.