Running a junk removal business in Vancouver Part 1

In this article, I will write about my personal experience, as an owner of a junk removal business.

I have operated my hauling business in Vancouver, for over 6 years, and I have to admit, that it is nothing like what I expected, when I started it.

Why did I get into the junk removal industry?

About 2009, after moving to North Vancouver, I realized I needed to get a car. For some reason, I settled on my first truck. It was a regular size truck, and I got a good deal for it. The previous 5 years, I was involved in the on line marketing, and I spent most of my day, at home sitting in front of a computer. Then I got the idea, to start a business, that will allow me to be outside and to do my workout at the same time. I was healthy and strong, and I had the truck. It was no brainer. I started my rubbish removal business.

After a quick research, I came up with some basic rates and 2 hours later, I had built a website for it. The plan was to only do this on the weekends. Was I wrong. Within few months, I stared to get busy and I liked the activity involved in that business.

Lots of mistakes were made at first, but they didn’t really cost me too much. It wasn’t long, before I noticed that I really liked interacting with my clients. Naturally, there were some difficult ones, but I learn quickly to avoid them. I started to notice patterns, in my clients behaviors, and now when I look back on these times, I believe this is the reason, I picked up the hobby of studying the mind, years later. This also, help me understand people and life in general, much better. Running business is one of the best schools about life and society. It teaches you responsibility, how to take care of others, and especially how to take care of you and your principles. This last part became very important aspect of my life.

Good vs the other kind of clients

I am not sure, if the reader has read on the zero-sum and non-zero sum game theory, but I am sure, google will be able to define it. Basically, I noticed that the good clients, were seeing the interaction with my service as a non-zero sum game. In simple terms, this is a win-win interaction. The client wanted good service, but in return he understood that I have to make a living. These kinds of clients are good at finding balance between being hungry for a deal and at the same time, caring for those who service them. Then you have a fairly large minority of clients, that see the world in a very different light. They don’t care how you will pay your bills. They want what they want and that is all that there is in the world of their existence.

Part 2