How to save money on junk removal in Vancouver?

In this article, we will cover the topic, on how to save money on junk removal services. We will not be talking about, how to find the cheapest services in Vancouver. We will leave this topic for another time. Instead, we will focus on minimizing the cost, once you have chosen a company to service you.

Useful rubbish

Much of the junk you have in your house, actually can be useful to someone else. Selling it, is an option, but this strategy is overrated. Selling things online, is pain in the neck. People, have the tendency to be late, or now even show up. The main issue, stems from the fact that , most of these people don’t have their own transportation. They get excited about the price of your couch, but once they include the cost of transportation, they get discouraged. Also, getting strangers into your house, has its own problems, which should be obvious to the reader. There is no point of us covering this issue.

Donating it, would be a better option. For this one, you will need your own transportation. For smaller items, this wouldn’t be an issue, but for things like furniture, you will need a van or a truck. If you don’t have that type of vehicle, we would advice against it. The challenge with charities, is that they don’t always have the room, for what you have, and all of them will not take, items such as a couch, and especially a mattress. They have to have those policies, since the bed bug problem in Vancouver worsening. You would want to avoid, renting a van for $90, and then just driving around with your couch, for nothing.

IMG_0398So, what is more sensible, is to pile all the junk, in an area, that does not require you to give access to strangers to your house. The garage or the driveway is a good place. This is very similar to garage sell. The difference is that, you post online, that between this hour, and that hour, they can come by and look at things. Take a picture, and post it online, so people can see what they are coming for. We think, that you can get rid of about 30% of your items. Vancouver is city, that has contact influx of new people, and they don’t always, have the money for new things.

Before the junk removal company, of your choice, comes to your house, you can save money, by sorting the garbage. Separate the recyclables, greens, metal, electronics, and drywall, from the rest of the garbage. Get it as close to the curb as possible. Not everyone, is willing to do the labour, in the name of saving some money, but if you want to skip the gym that day, that would do.

Remove any obstacles to the junk. If these guys have to rearrange you front yard, just so they can get to the pile of rubbish, you can understand how that might cost you money. Cover things, that the rain can get to. Junk removal companies in Vancouver get charged by the weight of the items, they pick up from you. If a furniture is left, on the rain, all night, this could double its weight. Covering it with a tarp, will take care of this problem.

Schedule a pick up hour, that is not around the rush hour. We have to remember, that junk removal companies pay their guys, per hour. If they are stuck in a traffic, they are paying for labour, that is not doing much. Management knows this, and they will vary the price of services, according to this detail.

With these words, we will conclude this little guide on how to spend less on hauling services in Vancouver. We would love to answer, any of your questions, in regard to our industry.