How to save money on junk removal?

Hiring a rubbish removal company in North Vancouver can be expensive but there are some steps you can take that will help you save some money on this service.

Comparing junk removal rates

The obvious thing to do is to find the cheapest service but this strategy doesn’t always work since there are many hidden costs to cheap junk removal companies. Some of those players post low disposal rates and then they present their clients with last-minute hidden fees. The practice is more prevalent than people thing and you should be mindful of it.

Get all your junk on the curb

This is probably the most effective way to save money on this type of service. Garbage hauling is not as simple as it used to be. Today, the city of North Vancouver has regulations in regards to sorting different types of garbage and taking them to the appropriate locations for disposal or recycling. Companies have to hire people who are willing to learn what goes where. Therefore, these employees have to be paid more than just some general labourers. If your garbage is at hard to access location on your property, the team will be there for a long time and this can cost you more money. Therefore, try to get everything as close to where the truck will be parked as possible.

Heavy garbage

Hauling companies take the junk they pick up to the North Shore Transfer Station. They get weighed and they pay dumping fees based on that. If you your junk is outside and you know the rain will get to it, it is better to cover it with something like a tarp. The rain water will make furniture really heavy and there will be extra fees associated with this added weight.

Sort your rubbish

Like we explained earlier, not all garbage goes to the same city landfill. Many items have to go special places. Sorting your items into the following categories of junk will save you on the hauling rates:

  • Electronics
  • Large appliances
  • Untreated wood and green waste
  • Cardboard
  • Bottles
  • Drywall
  • Paint
  • Mattress and/or boxspring

Sort your garbage into these categories and the guys will be very happy to service you and give you a deal.

Bag your garbage

Use the big garbage black bags to store all the small items. You don’t have to tight them up. It will make the job of transporting them to the truck much easier. If the guys have to bag them themselves, you may have to pay for extra labour.

All these tasks can be provided by the junk removal company. However, if you do these easy tasks, you will save money on the hauling rates.