What is the best time to do junk removal in Vancouver?

junk removal north vancouver truckLike most industries, the junk removal world has its busy and slow season and depending on when you decide to clean up your house, you might be able to save some money and time. In this article we will examine the difference between the summer and winter period .

Summer junk removal in Vancouver

When the sun starts shining it is natural if you want to get all that clutter out of your house. This is when most people start cleaning and getting rid of garbage that has been collecting in the garage, backyard and basement. The BBQ season is upon us and we don’t want our friends to see that old mattress sitting under the deck.

Junk removal companies are too busy in the summer

So, the summer is the most ambitious time for cleaning and as a consequence it is the busiest time for the junk removal companies in Vancouver. Therefore, it is also more expensive to hire them. It is a typical supply and demand rule that takes place. It is not uncommon for these guys to do over 14 hours day loading junk and they don’t have time to offer discounts and deals.

Winter junk removal

We all know how that season feels. It is the hardest time to actually come up with a good reason why you should get rid of junk. However, this is the best time to hire a hauling company. They are not as busy and they are willing to give you discounts and deals while business is slower.

Wet garbage

When it rains in the colder months in Vancouver, try to keep your rubbish dry because this will cost you extra in disposal fees. Hauling companies pay at the dump just like anyone else who goes there. These fees are based on the weight of the garbage they dispose of. If your items are wet, they could weigh two to three times more than the usual weight. The guys will have no choice but to pass on that extra cost to you. If your items have to be outside prior to pick up, cover them with something that will keep them dry.

We hope that this little guide will help you in deciding what is the best time of the year to do junk removal in Vancouver. Everyone will have a different preferences but we have provided you with the right information and we will leave the decision to you.