Who are the top junk removal service providers in Burnaby?

burnaby junk removalThis article will be very short if I just posted a list of the so called “Best companies in Burnaby”. Instead, the reader will find a detailed information, that can be used as a guideline, to finding who the good junk removal companies are in Burnaby.

Small vs Big rubbish removal business

As in every industry, there is small,and big players. Depending on your circumstances, you have to make the decision, which of the two is better for you. Big service providers are able to service larger orders, but they have their own downside, which we will examine later. Small companies are flexible, cheaper, and faster, but as we will demonstrate, have disadvantages, just like the big players.

Big hauling companies

You have all seen those big trucks, driving around Burnaby. These are the big guys. They offer good services, charge more, and will be able to help you with everything you need. However, there are few aspects of their business, which you need to consider. During the busy summer months, their schedules are a bit tricky. You won’t get much of a choice, when picking up a day and time for junk removal.

Small, local, and Cheap hauling companies

These companies are much more flexible,and our recommendation is to work with them. Their prices are cheaper, and their scheduling is more flexible, because they are willing to work after hours, and they are not as busy. The downside to this option, is the fact that there are some bad operators out there.

How to tell if a junk removal company is bad?

The first thing you can do is to google them. Read reviews that are independent of their website. If a review seems too artificial, most likely, it is written by the company themselves, by a friend, or someone they had paid to for that sort of service. Be mindful of the fact, that no one is perfect, and in reviews , you will read some bad things. This is actually, positive. It is a sign that the reviews are real. I am very proud business owner, because I treat my clients in a good way. However, sometimes, circumstances will work against us, being able to service a client well. It doesn’t happen often, but it does few times every year.

20140211_102949Call them

This is your final quality control verification, that you can do. By speaking to them, you get a chance to see how they conduct themselves over the phone. This doesn’t always work, for some bad companies can smart enough, to hire a good customer representative. Lets not forget, that they are playing with the appearance of being a good company.

Junk removal prices

Saving money is an important reason a client might go for a cheap garbage removal service. However, money is not everything. It is not uncommon, for the cheapest service, to become very expensive.

Comparing Junk removal rates

This is the part you have to be careful with, for prices, posted on websites, are not always defining the same service, and they are not final, in many cases. Some websites, will post rates, which don’t include the dumping fees, or labour. This is a very dishonest practice, and most people fall for it. The game plays the following way: A client schedules a pick up of a couch for $90, the company shows up, and loads the couch. Then the client finds out, that the $90, didn’t cover the dumping fees. Depending on how greedy the guys are, the price could even double to $180. The best way to avoid this problem, is to ask questions over the phone. Don’t leave any gray areas.

We hope that this guide, will help residents of Burnaby, find the best junk removal company, and make the whole process painless. If you like what our company has to offer, feel free, to give us a call, or write us an email. One of our representative, will be more than glad to answer any questions you may have.