UBC Mattress recycling service

Mattress and Boxspring Recycling Service

It is time to part with your old mattress but you have no idea how to go about it. Well, our junk removal company has been helping people recycle their old mattresses and boxsprings in the UBC area, the responsible way. Once we get our hands on your mattress, we promise you two things. You will never see it again, and it will never see the dump. We recycle all mattresses and boxsprings.

How does it work

It is very simple. Give us a call at 604-910-7549 and in less than 2 minute we will offer you a date and time for pick up. Our friendly team will arrive and you can sit and watch them do all the lifting. You can then pay us and we will be on our way to the nearest Vancouver recycling facility.

Call or Text 604-910-7549

Adding other items to your mattress

We can haul away for you pretty much any unwanted item. Go ahead and challenge us. You have a tv to recycle? Sure. We can keep the mattress straight in the truck with it. You need us to get rid of your old couch? Ok. We will either take it to the landfill or try to donate it, if it is in a good condition. It is not uncommon for a client to decide on the spot that she wants more things removed, after the magic of decluttering gets hold of her. If there is room in the truck, we will improve on the magic. If there isn’t, we will make room. The longer we stay at your place, the bigger it will begin to look.

What makes us so special?

We are a junk removal company, but it is not just about junk. The solutions and experience we provide for our clients break all the expectations emanating out of the badly reputed hauling industry in Vancouver. Our team is made up of individuals who have heads on their shoulders and they know not just  how to listen to what the client needs, but also to feel what the client may need but not know about it. We are always on time and we even give you a curtesy call before we arrive, if you request it. This way you can go out and carry on some quick tasks in the neighbourhood. We don’t believe that hidden fees have any future in a company-client relationship. There is plenty more to be said on how we lead in the quality of service, but this is beyond the scope of this page. Give us a call, and you will sense that there is something different about the company.

Call or Text 604-910-7549