Vancouver junk removal companies

Vancouver junk removal companies

20140211_102956This article is on the topic of the junk removal companies operating in Vancouver. If you don’t know anything about the rubbish removal services these companies provide in British Columbia, this is a good place to start.

What is Vancouver trash hauling really? These are vendors that specialize in hauling away unwanted garbage that the city does not pick up any more. Yes, there was a time when there was no need for such junk disposal private services. However, times have changed and the city is getting away with it and this is another topic that is not in the scope of this article.

How to choose the best junk removal company in Vancouver?

Just like most other services for residential and commercial clients, you need to do a little bit of a research. The search engine is a good place to start. Understand that the top search results will not always provide you with the best companies. Being the first company on top of the list is now always a sign of being the best service provider. Therefore, you should use some judgment. How do you do that? Comparing junk removal prices is a good start. However, I have to warn you that some players in this industry are tricky and for example they would list low rates by hiding some fees. You will find out about these fees after they load your junk. Therefore, after you narrow down your list, start calling their representatives and ask the right questions regarding types of services and hidden fees. Nothing is black and white in the junk removal projects but you should be able to tell when the representative is dancing around some important basic rates. I would not deal with that type of business.

Find a local waste disposal company

Part of the expenses these service providers have is fuel cost. If you live in North Vancouver, it is not a good idea to hire a junk removal company all the way from Vancouver. It is natural for them to add the fuel cost to the total charge.

Small and Big junk hauling jobs

A small pick up would be something like couch removal or a mattress disposal. In most cases each item carries a separate fee. If you have only one piece of furniture for removal, look around your property and see if you can find another that you don’t need. You will get a discount on each additional one. This takes us into the bigger jobs. At that point, you will be charged based on volume. Rubbish disposal companies operating in Vancouver have one charge for a full load. If you have half a load, in most cases the charge will be half of that.

Additional disposal fees

This is the gray area of this business and most of the time there is nothing cynical about it. Having a load in your garage and having a load in your basement makes a big difference in labour cost of these companies. It is not uncommon for a full load to take few guys couple of hours to get all that rubbish from a basement to their truck if there are lots of stairs and distance to cover. It is understandable and fair for extra fees to be added associated with labour cost. Therefore, the best way for clients to enjoy the lowest junk removal rates is to get all the junk to the curb or the driveway. If you have a way of getting your family or friends to help you get this done, that will be very good for your wallet. With the savings you can throw a party.