Washer and Dryer disposal

Appliance pick up for Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Lions Bay Areas.

  • Appliance pick up fee – $100

  • Washer removal fee – $100

  • Dryer removal fee – $100

  • washer and Dryer disposal fee – $120

  • Stove removal fee – $100


You good old stove, washer or dryer has broken down and you don’t know what to do. You can’t just leave it outside on the street because the city will fine you.

If you have this problem, we can help you. Read on bellow to find more information on each appliance item.


If you have a washer and dryer that you need to be picked up, there are few things you need to do before we pick it up for you. Makesure that the washer and the dryer are disconnected from the walls and the water pipes. If your washer and dryer are bolted together, you have to unbolt them. You don’t have to unbolt them if you have them outside your house or they are on the curb.

In general a washer and a dryer are mostly made from metal. About 99% of the washers and dryers we have picked up in Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver and North Vancouver, have been of the metal type. If this is the case, your washer and dryer will be taken for recycling. Actually, there is no other option for our junk removal company than to take your washer and dryer to the recycling facility since no other place would take them. It is illegal to throw your washer and dryer to the general garbage landfill in Vancouver or North Vancouver. The fines are pretty big.

Once in a while we would have to dispose of a plastic washer or a dryer. These kind of plastic washers and dryers go to the general garbage. Our junk removal company feels that plastic washers and dryers can be recycled too but until the city creates a recycling program for that purpose, we have no choice but the dispose it in the garbage.


Stove removal is pretty much like a washer or dryer pick up. A stove is made mostly by metal and our junk removal company will take it for recycling.

Appliances such as Washers, Dryers, Stoves are taken for recycling.
You can be assured that your washer, dryer or stove will be recycled. Actually for us, there is no other way around. The City of Vancouver will not allow junk removal companies to dispose appliances as a regular rubbish. If we try to do so, the fines will be significant for us. Large appliances such as washer and dryer are not easy to hide in the garbage. City workers are constantly watching what we drop at their transfer station and even pictures are taken. In addition to this fact, it doesn’t cost us more in terms of labor, fees or time to drop it at the recycling section of the transfer station.

This was a new stove from West Vancouver. Never used industrial stove which sells for over $ 4000. The interesting story with this large appliance is that we could not find any one to take it even for free. Our company was forced to recycle it for its stainless steel material. The stove would have been very useful addition to a restaurant or even a large residential kitchen.







Washer and Dryer pick up


All appliances carry a recycling fee of $90. We had only couple of cases when an appliance cost the client more than $100. In one of those cases the freezer was over 8 feet long and close to 400lb. However, these cases are very ware. All these are recycled by the way.

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