West Point Grey Junk Removal

Search for a junk removal company in Vancouver, and you will be overwhelmed of the choices you will get. However, most of these companies have amassed a horrible reputation for the ways they conduct their business in British Columbia.

The purpose of this article is to educate residential and commercial customers in the West Point Grey area of Vancouver.

What is junk removal service about?

In simple terms, rubbish removal companies will pick up almost anything that the city of Vancouver garbage collection does not take.

Junk removal rates

Rates are based on things like weight, size, and type of garbage that needs to be hauled away. There are two types of services. Small and big.

The cost of disposal of single items, such as a couch, mattress, or any other type of furniture, is about $80. Each additional item is half price.

Having more than few items, changes the service to a type where rates are based on volume for the most part. The ongoing rate for large volumes of junk removal is around $50 per cubic yard. Most waste management companies use 10 cubic yards trucks, so they price their services based on the volume taken in the truck, once the items are loaded.

For example 1/3 of a 10 cubic yard truck, would be around $150. A full load will be as low as $400 or as high as $500.

How to hire a good junk removal company in West Point Grey?

Now that you are armed with important facts, it is time to call few companies. Forget about being fooled by good looking websites. Today, anyone can buy a template and build a flashy website with few clicks of the mouse. However, having phone manners apparently is not that easy, if the company is of questionable character.

Proceed to asking questions based on the facts you have just learned. Put forward some concerns about extra fees, or recycling fees. A dishonest company will try to hide these potential extra fees, for they are trying to lure you into scheduling a pick up. Later, after they load everything on their truck, they will break the news to you. If you refuse to pay, they will dump everything on your driveway, so you can’t use it, and leave you with a very unpleasant experience.

Avoid this, and have an understanding that you get what you pay for. It is natural for a person to seek the best deal, but you also need to aware that there are people out there that will manipulate this desire. Avoid such traps.

Now that you have finished this little guide on the topic, you are ready to hire a reliable and professional trash removal company from West Point Grey.