West side junk removal – Vancouver hauling services

This article will provide you with some key points and useful facts on how to hire a good junk removal company on the west side. Like any new service, at the beginning the information might seem confusing, but by the time you are done reading this short article, you will be ready to hire this service, without any hesitations, or unanswered questions.

Defining rubbish removal services

Since the city of Vancouver does not pick up large items, or large volumes, with their garbage collection service, residents, and businesses are required to take care of such scenarios themselves. Hence the need for a private hauling industry for Vancouver and the surrounding cities, such as Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Coquitlam. To simplify this point, anything that you cannot fit into your garbage bin, or you are not allowed to mix with your garbage, will require you to hire this type of service.

Cost of junk removal for West Side

If you have only one item, such as a couch, mattress, or any furniture, you should be expecting a price range of between $80 and $90, which is a fair average rate for most companies. Later we will discuss more the large spectrum of rates between different waste removal companies, and you will learn, as to why you should avoid the extremes.

Larger pick up jobs are priced a little differently, but nonetheless, it is still easy to understand. After you move into the need for a company to haul away more than few items, then it is better for rates to be based on volume. It easier for the client to understand, and also it is actually cheaper rate, per item.

For instance, the average truck size for most garbage removal companies is about 10 cubic yards. The company sends their workers and they load, whatever you have pilled to disposal. If the truck gets filled up about half way, then you will be presented with a bill in the range of $220-$250. This covers everything, and you have to make sure that it does, for some companies will try to play little last-minute extra charges. We will cover this later.

A full load, then would be around $450-$500, depending on the type of waste that you have. It would be also easier if you think of cost as $45-$50 per cubic yard.

There are exceptions to these rates in scenarios, when the items are of a heavy nature, or they carry extra recycling fees, which are imposed by the city of Vancouver.

How to hire a good junk removal company?

The best place to start your search is online. You will have plenty of companies to choose from, but be prepared to face a disappointment with most of them. This industry is plagued by some bad players, who are in this business just to make a quick profit, and quality is not something they care about. So, how does one avoid such disappointments?

The website of a business is its face. However, nowadays it is very easy to put on any website. A guy with a broken pickup can pay hew hundred dollars, and he will be having a professional looking site, and he is ready to start getting unsuspecting clients. Therefore, it is best if you can talk to a person, and get a feeling of what their character is about, and hence the company they work for, or run.

This seems as a very old fashioned way of doing business, but in an age where image is everything, it seems that for most companies, image is all. Just that. They will not deliver on any of their promises, but the one that promised you that they will take your money.

When you are talking to one of their representatives, asks questions based on the information you have gathered from this article, and see if they are either avoiding them, or they are lying to you. For example, they might try to tell you that, under no circumstances, you will have to pay extra fees. This is unrealistic,and it is a sign that they are trying to book you, and then later demand the extra fees. This works most of the time, because clients just want this ordeal over with, so they would pay, just so they can get the 2-3 angry guys off their property.

With this, we will complete this article, and we are hoping that you have been armed with the best information on how to hire a good hauling company on the West side of Vancouver. Feel free to contact us for any additional inquiries.