West Vancouver junk removal Services

Why hire a junk removal company on the North Shore?

The answer most people miss is “Because it makes your living space bigger!”. We are a junk removal company that thinks outside the box. Our philosophy is very different from the way other companies in Vancouver model their business. They do what everyone does, and we pay attention to the subtleties of this industry and what clients really want.

What can we do for you?

We can pick up any item that you may not find useful anymore. Depending to its condition and type, it will be taken to the city landfill, donated, or recycled. After being in this business for so many years, we are an experts on “retiring” objects to their proper destination.

What to expect from us?

We will keep this answer simple. We will do what we promise! You will experience interactions with people who handle garbage, but there is no hint at that nature in the way our guys conduct themselves. This last one is extremely rare in the waste management industry, for it attracts a particular unpleasant character for the jobs it offers.

There won’t any hidden fees. If we need to charge you more for extraordinary conditions around your projects, then you will be told in advance. We have come to the understanding that it is better to lose a client due honesty, than to get into conflicts due to last-minute “honesty”.

Cost of junk removal in West Vancouver?

Rates in this industry are extremely misleading and this is one of the main methods dishonest garbage removal companies are trying to take an edge on their competition. Low rates are posted prior to work done, and then additional fees are included after the project is completed. In many cases, the total cost can triple from what originally was quoted. Therefore, we have decided not to play the game of who can be the most creative in artificially lowering their rates. We simply talk to our clients, and based on their nature, they decide which road their want to take. We have found it very pleasant to work with clients who prefer honesty.

Average rates

Rates can vary as we already have indicated earlier. However, to give our clients a rough idea, we will try to provide some numbers. As of 2016 we charge $150 for a 1/4 of our truck. There are companies who claim that they can do it for $100, and even less. However, they don’t include labour and dumping fees, which makes these low rates extremely misleading. Then there is companies like 1 8000 GOT JUNK, who charge even more than what we do, and for the most part, all the fees are included. We have decide to find a middle ground between the two extremes.

How to book an appointment?

Call us few days before you are planning to have us over your place. We can be reached at 604-910-7549. The more questions you have for us, the better we will be able to service you. There are no silly questions. Every project is different, and the more we know about the particulars of it, the better prepared we will be.

After you book our services, the only step left is us showing up at the promised time, and hauling away anything you don’t want.

Do we recycle?

Recycling is an important aspect of Vancouver, and our junk removal company is taking is as seriously. Everything that is recyclable is taken to the recycling facilities on the North Shore. However, we don’t stop just there. Furniture that is of a good condition will be taken to charities or restore locations.

What do we recycle?

We recycle items such as cardboard, metal, large appliances, small appliances, electronics, paper, paint, mattresses, boxsprings, and even couches (extra fee).