West Vancouver garbage removal – North Shore disposal of rubbish

junk removal north vancouver truckHow do you get rid of unwanted rubbish from your North Shore property? If this is the question you have, you have to the right place. I will try to provide you with all the information you need on the junk removal services offered in West Vancouver. On the surface this task may seem complicated to someone who has never dealt with garbage hauling companies but by the time you finish reading this article, you will have most of the important information.

How much does it cost to do junk removal in West Vancouver?

It really depends on how much rubbish you have and what type of waste material you need hauled away. Trash removal companies operating in British Columbia get charged disposal fees at the city landfill based on weight in most cases. There are some items such as mattress and box spring which carry extra recycling fees on top of the garbage disposal fees. Drywall also carries higher disposal rate. However, for now we will focus on the regular household and commercial rubbish. West Vancouver disposal companies will base their rates on how much your junk fills up a truck. If it fills up the whole truck then this is considered a full load. If half of the truck is filled up, then the price will  be close to half of the full load rate.

As with any business, there are exceptions and the junk hauling industry is not an exception. Labour cost plays a significant part of the total rate a company will have for a clean up job. The rates that you will see on their websites will represent hauling jobs of rubbish sitting in your driveway or garage. If they have to carry the trash from your basement to their truck, this may add few hours to their labour and naturally this will cost you more. This is a fair practice since labour is not cheap in this industry. The only issue clients might have is when a company does not make these details clear prior to scheduling a pick up.

Another exception which might increase the total rate is if your junk is really heavy. A full load of furniture will be much lighter than the same truck full of bathroom tiles. Again, this is important information to be given to the junk removal company before they quote you any final price.

How to find the best junk removal company in West Vancouver?

The best one is the one you have been dealing with for a while  and you are happy with them. However, if you are new to this, then you have to get into a little bit of a research. As stated earlier, comparing rates is not very useful unless you are dealing with single items like a single couch removal or mattress removal. With the single items, you can get a solid disposal rate over the phone. However, it is advisable to still ask if there are any extra fees associated with this type of service. With bulky rubbish removal jobs, comparing prices is a waste of time. The best step to take is to call couple of companies and try to get an idea of pricing. This may help. However, the more important point of calling these service providers is to get an idea how they are dealing with clients on the phone. My believe is that if you are treated badly on the phone by one of those companies, most likely they will extend that treatment to you when they are hauling away your garbage.

After you find a company you like, then it is time to schedule an appointment. Decide if you want to pay the extra money and have them pickup all the rubbish from inside your house or get some of your friends to help you take it out to the curb or the driveway. They will usually be able to pick it up within the next two days or in many cases on the same day, depending on how busy they are. Again, I would like to stress out that the best way to avoid issues and to  enjoy the lowest rates is to communicated with the junk removal companies in West Vancouver. I hope this little piece of information has answered most of your questions.