Junk removal services for Vancouver

Our company provides junk removal and recycling services for residential and business clients, on a level that is hard to match by most of our competition. The only aspect on which we find it hard to compete, is in the empty promises made by most hauling companies in Vancouver. We don’t see our services as a simple activity involving the hauling of unwanted items. We are the creators of space for your property. Let us make your place bigger!

Services we provide

  • The removal, disposal and recycling of furniture
  • Mattress and boxspring recycling
  • Junk removal for household items
  • Recycling of electronics and large appliances
  • Green waste recycling
  • Hauling away recycling items to the appropriate facilities
  • Junk removal for renovation projects

A full list of all the items we dispose of can be seen here.

Why hire our services?

We don’t believe there is such a thing as “the best” junk removal company in Vancouver. However, we see ourselves as being amongst the top 2-3 providers of this type of service in British Columbia. Having other “good” companies so close to our level, makes us even better. Our focus is to match the level of professionalism displayed by our competition, and ignore all of the short-term strategies applied by companies with questionable integrity and foresight. This allows us to have a very astute vision on who our clients are, and what they need.

What to expect from us?

  • Chiefly, we do what we promises to do
  • Open rates – you will be able to budget your project
  • Your property will be respected
  • You will work only with people of personal integrity (we love to break the stereotypes of our industry)
  • On the phone you will be converse with someone who knows how to listen to your situation
  • We are sensitive to your neighbors’ peace

Cost of junk removal for Vancouver

Our price system is devised to be easy to comprehend. Single items have a hauling fee of between $90 and $120. For example, the cost of disposing a couch is $90. Each additional item, of a similar size, will cost you less than the first item. The 2nd item can save you up to 50% .

After the 2nd or 3rd large item, a pricing system based on volume, is implemented. This way of pricing is significantly cheaper if the total price is spread between all the items. Our truck is equipped with a box 12 feet, by 8 feet, by 5 feet. For simplification, think of our truck being able to carry as much junk as 3 pickup trucks.

Prices for such large projects are estimated by the level at which our truck gets filled up. For example ¼ of the truck, will cost $120. Half a load will be $250, and a full load will cost $500 to haul away. This includes all the chargers. There can be some extra charges with exceptional projects, where the items are exceeding heavy, or the items are too far from the curb. These exceptions will be examined in a bit.

How to schedule our rubbish removal services?

Please calls us on 604-910-7549, and in less than 2 minutes, you will have an appointment for pick up. We will ask few quick question, which will help us establish your needs, and how we can respond to such needs. Here are some of the questions, we may have for you:

  • How much rubbish do you have?
  • Where is it located on your property?
  • What is your address?
  • What is the best time to send a truck to your place?

What to expect on the day of pick up?

Usually, we give our clients a 2 hour window for our arrival. Most of the time we do not need the time range, but due to traffic in Vancouver, we find it better for both parties, if we play it safe. If requested, we can give you a warning call 30 min before we arrive, so you don’t have to be at home waiting for us.

After we arrive, we look at all the junk that you have, and before we load anything, we consolidate the total and final charge that will be applied to the disposal service we will carry for you. For most of cases we had hitherto, a phone conversation is sufficient enough to estimate total cost.

However, in some cases, a pile of junk is hard to describe over a phone conversation, and there can be some discrepancies in estimating the volume. There are also cases, when the client desires to add more items after an estimation is provided. Therefore, we need to have this final step as a policy that is fair and just to both parties.

Accepted Methods of Payment

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Paypal
  • E-transfer

Couch removal

If you are reading this section, you are probably looking to get rid of your old sofa, but you are a bit hesitant on how this is done. Actually, this is one of the most simple item to dispose of. As we mentioned earlier, the rate for couch removal in Vancouver is in the range of $90. This type of services falls under the furniture removal category.

We only ask that you don’t have any obstacles in the hallway, for we won’t be able to take the couch out, unless we move them. We don’t mind at all the help you with this, but we had some cases, when we had to spend over half an hour moving boxes before we could get to the couch. Obviously this take too much time from our designated time for such types of pick ups. However, if you have one of two big items that you cannot move yourself, we don’t mind helping with such circumstances.

As indicated before, having a 2nd couch, will cost you less per item. The total cost for removing 2 couches, will be around $140. Like most other furniture, if your sofa is in a good condition, we will try to donate it for reuse. There are plenty of people who are in need of free furniture, and so far we had no difficulty in facilitating his connection.

Mattress and Boxspring removal

The average age of a mattress is 10 years. Not bad for an item that we spend 1/3 our our lives on top of it. However, there comes a time, when it is not as comfortable and we can help you with disposing it. Technically, we are not really disposing of it, but we are recycling it. All the metal, lumber, and fabric from the mattress and/or the boxspring is stripped out and recycled. Our Vancouver mattress removal page has additional information on rates and the overall topic.

Household rubbish removal

The majority of our services involve the removal and disposal of household rubbish, and in some cases garbage. Household junk is a large category that covers most items, that come out of your home. The rates for this type of rubbish is the same as it was explained on this page under our rate section. Our household page elaborates on this into greater details. For more information, please pay it a brief visit.

Our recycling policy

When we started our business, most of the items were destined to the North Shore Transfer Station. This was a long time ago, and with every passing year, we are seeing almost half of our items ending up outside the city landfill. This is making our job a bit more labour intensive, but it saves us money on the dumping fees, and it keeps garbage away from the environment.

Here is a list of some of the items that we recycle:

  • Bottles and cans
  • Cardboard
  • Electronics
  • Large appliances (refrigerator, freezer,washer,dryer)
  • Clean lumber, firewood, trees, branches, leaves
  • Drywall
  • Mattress and boxspring
  • Good furniture – will be donated
  • Good renovation material – will be donated
  • Clothes – donation
  • Books – donation
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Food products
  • Metal

What we donate

Often, our clients request that we donate some of the items they have no use for, anymore. For the most part, we can do this for them. However, we take the initiative to designate which of the items can be destined for reuse. If an item is of a good contrition, we can take it to Value Village, or other donation facilities in Vancouver.

Additional costs

This an aspect of our industry that most hauling companies do not like to discuss. The chief fear is that they will not be competitive with junk removal companies who are hiding from their clients, that there may be instances when additional fees apply. However, this creates many unhappy customers, and this is not a direction we are wishing to take. Our open policy is costing us some business, but at the same time we are left to services only those who can see our point. We believe the latter are easier to work with.

Extra labour cost

For the most part, the rates that we provide are based on the assumption that your items are not too far from where we can park our truck. They don’t have to be on the curb, but if we have to spend more than an hour, for a full load of garbage, then we have to apply additional labour fees. The rates is at $60/hour, for 2 workers. Our guys are not just smart, but they also work fast. Therefore, an hour is more than enough to load a full truck, if the items are within 30 feet. If the items are large, then they can do it even faster, since this will express itself in less trips.

Extra dumping fees

Our rates include dumping fees, but if your items are of an exceptionally heavy type, then we may have to increase our average dumping fee. However, this is a very rare event. It only applies for certain types of heavy renovation material, such as tiles, cement, rocks…

As we elaborated earlier, these exceptional cases, will not come to you as a surprise. On our first phone conversation, we will make sure that we point out to you, if you happen to have such items. Then, on the day of the pick up, we will be able to examine your project into more details.

Green waste removal and recycling

During the summer months, we receive many calls with requests for the removal of tree brunches, grass, leaves, and other green waste. We can assist you in taking all the green material your property can produce. We haul it away to the North Shore Transfer Station, where all is recycled. None of it will ever end up in the city landfill.

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