Recycling in Vancouver

Our junk removal  company recycles everything which can be recycled.  The rules that the city of Vancouver has come up with are very strict and waste recycling companies are penalized for not following them. Therefore, we can assure you that no recyclable waste will end up with the rest of the garbage.

Recycling Services

Our company recycles the following waste:

  • Cardboard
  • Bottles
  • Green waste
  • Paper
  • Mattress and/or box spring
  • Electronics
  • Large Appliances
  • Metal
  • Paint
  • Untreated wood


Recycling Centers

Most of the recycling waste is taken to the North Shore Transfer Station where there are separate piles for metal, large appliances, green waste, wood waste, mattress and boxspring . The rest is taken to other recycling centres.


Recycling North Vancouver

We provide recycling services for North Vancouver and West Vancouver. Most of our recycling waste on the North Shore is green waste.


Recycling and Disposal

Recycling is crucial to the environment and the future of our children. This is especially true for a place such as Vancouver.


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