Vancouver Junk Removal is a business dedicated to providing the most reliable disposal services for residential and commercial clients in British Columbia.


Our rates are on the most competitive level. We emphasize on recycling and efficiency which allows us to have rates 50% lower than most 1-800-JUNK competitors.


We'll tell you your total charge prior to loading.

Burnaby Junk Removal Services

Providing rubbish removal services for the city of Burnaby.  We offer services for residential and commercial clients.

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Junk Removal Rates

Fees include all charges. We don’t have any hidden fees, or last minute change of deals.

  • Single Item – $90 to $150
  • 1/8 – $140
  • 1/5 – $160
  • 1/4 $200
  • 1/3 – $250
  • Half – $350
  • 2/3 – $460
  • 3/4 – $530
  • 7/8 – $630
  • Full – $700

This is one of the most common question that our clients ask. The service rates are based on the size, weight and type of junk that we have to haul away. The easiest way to price a pick up is to look at how much room the garbage takes in our 15 cubic yards truck. On our rate page there is a detail information on the relationship between the volume of the junk and the cost of disposing it. Certain types of junk is very heavy therefore the cost will be higher. The city of Burnaby imposes extra disposal fees for recycling some of the rubbish. For example a mattress and a box spring carry recycling fees that are on top of the disposal fees. In order to save money on the labour, we advice our clients to have their garbage as close to the curb side as possible. The garage or the drive way will be sufficient as well.

Junk Removal Services:

What we focus on:

  • Household rubbish

  • Furniture removal

  • Green waste

  • Recycling

  • Large Appliances

  • Garbage

  • No hidden fees

  • Always on time

  • Recycling (cardboard, metal, electronics…)

  • Donating of good furniture

  • Respect for property

  • Building long-term relationships with clients


One of the most common question we get is “how big is the truck?”
The truck is  12 cubic yards.

How to hire our hauling company?

The first step to take is to get an idea how much junk you have. In order to give you a good price estimation we will have few questions for you regarding the amount and type of rubbish that you have. Get everything ready and give us a call or email us. It will be very easy for us to give you an estimation if you email us a picture of what you need to be hauled away. However, calling us would be sufficient as well. One of our representative will ask you some questions regarding the amount and type of junk you have. Then we will offer you a day and a time when we can be at your house to pick it up. You will be given 2 hour window at which to expect us. It is that simple.

What kind of junk do we remove?

Our  company will be able to help you with almost all your unwanted junk. We can dispose of items such as couch, mattress, box spring, paint, green waste, electronics and all household garbage.  It is very rare for us to leave  clients without a solution to an item they need out of their house.

Do we recycle?

Yes, we do. The city of Burnaby is very clear on their commitment to protecting the environment and our company is doing everything possible to recycle as much as possible. Metal, cardboard, bottles, paint, electronics, mattress, box spring, and untreated wood are all recycled by our junk removal company. It takes a little bit longer but this is offset by the fact that we can save some money on the disposal fees at the landfill.

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