About us

Before we begin, allow us to thank you for entertaining the idea of trusting what we have to say about our business. We say this because we seem to be living in a world, where most words have lost their meaning. This is especially true for the junk removal business in Vancouver. If you are willing to read the “about us” section of a business, you are still having some hope in peoples’ honesty. Now, let us express what our company is about, and why we strive to be different and better.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to be the best at what we do, which will allow us to make people happy with our rubbish removal services, and at the same time reward us with a sustainable profit. We follow the so-called “None Zero Sum game”. This is a way of doing business, which allows both parties to benefit from an interaction. This seems to be an integral part of what the definition of a business should be, but it only appears to be that way in reality.

Breaking Stereotypes

This is an aspect of our business, which we underestimated as a source of pleasure. We love breaking the stereotype of a garbage removal guy. It is something that surprises , and pleases our clients the most. It is true that sometime working with rubbish can be a dirty and unpleasant activity. However, we don’t let this dictate terms to us, and we don’t’ allow our behavior, mood, or way of thinking to be influenced by such conditions. We conduct ourselves in a way that gives respect, and the same time invokes respect from our clients.

Quality of service and sustainable rates

We believe in the fact that we are one of the top 2-3 companies in Vancouver, in regards to how we run our business. Secretly, we are hoping never to be #1. Why? Because, being too comfortable with the idea of being the top company in British Columbia, will deteriorate the quality of our service, and the driving force behind our creativity. Nothing great is created in comfort, for this very reason, we enjoy competitors who provide good junk removal services.

One of the definitions of a good disposal service is the ability to provide such services for the lowest possible price. However, there is an important balance between quality and price, that most hauling companies are forgetting about, or simply don’t care about. Unsustainable low rates only lead to deterioration of quality. This is a paramount issue with the waste management industry in Vancouver. We have made the hard decision to maintain that balance, even if this cost us some business.

We will end this message by thanking you again for reading our statement. Our hope is that we have conveyed the nature of our thinking and way of doing business in the most astute manner.

Thank you!

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