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Our system for pricing junk removal services is very simple and open. We believe that the client should be able to budget with reasonable predictability. The rubbish removal industry has created some confusion on how services are priced, and this page is dedicated to fixing this issue.

There are two ways on pricing hauling services, depending on how many items you have. Pick ups can be divided into single-items and large volumes removals.

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Single Items removal cost

Often, we get requests for hauling away a single item to the dump. Namely, the removal of a couch, mattress, box spring, or a dresser. This falls into the small pick ups. The average cost for a pick up of this type is $90. All fees are subject to 5% GST. No hidden charges.

What if you have 2 large items? Would you have to pay double? We will remove each additional item for a fee of $50 only. For example, if you have two couches, we will dispose of them for a fee of around $40 plus GST. If your 2nd item is smaller in size, then we will get rid of it for an additional $20-$30.

What if you have 3 or more items? This is when the pick up is categorized as a larger volume pick up, which will be explained in the next section.

Large Volume pick ups

Larger volumes of junk are priced based on volume. The latter is determined by estimating how much space your items take in our truck. Our truck box is 15 cubic yards. The dimensions are 10 feet long by 8 feet wide by 5 feet high.  We can hold as much volume as 3-4 pickup trucks. Items are arranged in the best possible way which utilizes the truck space to its max. 

Every junk removal project is different and the best way to get a quote is to give us a call at 604-910-7549. After answering a few simple questions, we will be able to estimate what rate matches your case best. You can also send us a text message with pictures of your items.

Our rates include all charges. There are no hidden fees.

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Accepted Payments

  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • Cheque
  • Cash

Are there any additional fees?

This is one of the most important questions, that we wish consumers ask more often. Especially when our services are compared to the competition.  Our company believes that we should be open about circumstances when an additional fee could be applied.

Junk removal rates are based partly on the disposal fees we pay at the city landfill. Additionally, they are based on the weight of the items we dispose of. We have a good idea of how heavy is a particular load. However, there are times, when clients hire us to get rid of heavy material, such as tiles, concrete, stone, or construction material. The above-mentioned load of such heavy material will increase the weight and dumping fees, by 2-3 times. It is under such conditions that we have to include additional fees.

These circumstances apply to all junk removal companies, but not all are open to talking about these possibilities. Most will simply hide this fact, and only make it known to the client, after all the material is loaded. Then the client is informed and is usually followed by a conflict. We would like to avoid such scenarios, and hence we talk openly about the issue.


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