Junk removal services for Vancouver


Junk removalVancouver Junk Removal is a business dedicated to providing the most reliable disposal services for residential and commercial clients in British Columbia. Our rates are on the most competitive level.  We emphasize on recycling and efficiency which allows us to have rates 50% lower than most 1-800-JUNK competitors.

  • No hidden fees!
  • Free estimation
  • We tell you the TOTAL charge prior to loading
  • Extra care is taken to protect your property
  • We are always on time!


Junk removal services:

  • Furniture removal
  • Construction material disposal
  • Green waste recycling
  • Household garbage pickup
  • Electronics recycling
  • Recyclables
  • Large Appliances

Cities we services:


How big is the truck?

junk removal truckOur dump truck is  12 cubic yards. This is a box measuring 12 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5 feet high. If you have to compare it to a large pickup truck, the large box can hold as much junk as 3-4 pickup trucks can.

We dispose our waste at the city landfill. However, we recycle a large portion of our garbage with waste recycling facilities in Vancouver.


How much does Junk Removal Services cost?

No two pickups are the same. However, we have some general guidelines by which we can provide good estimates on the cost of hauling away junk.  Garbage comes in different shapes, size, type and weight. For the most part our disposal services are priced based on the weight of the junk and how much labour is involved in removing it from your property. Therefore, the greatest savings passed on to you come from how long we have to load your items into our truck.  The cheapest way to get your garbage removed is to have everything ready for us at the curb or any other place that is accessible to our truck. If we can backup to it, then the savings are not insignificant. In addition to this, not all types of garbage is priced the same way when disposed at the city landfill. For example drywall carries double the charges our company has to pay the city for using their landfill center. The good news is that we will be able to give you a final quote once we see what you need us to remove. Our company does not believe in hidden fees which come at the end of the pick up. To get a better idea on our disposal fees for individual items and large quantities on rubbish, please visit our disposal rates page.

Mattress Removal Services

Mattress recycling is the new way to go in protecting the environment. Mattress recycling in Vancouver is mandatory. If you need your mattress removed, call us and we will take it to the recycling facility. Our company does not take mattresses to the garbage. Doing so will land us a $50 fine. The city of Vancouver has added a recycling fee for each mattress since it takes some labour to remove the metal from the wood and fabric. Some of our clients ask us if we can remove mattresses which have bedbugs but we have to decline. It is important to us to keep our trucks and working clothes free of bedbugs in order to to take them home or to our clients’ homes. If you have more questions you will most likely find the answer under our mattress removal service page.


We make sure that our Junk hauling services are not an intimidating experience for our customers. We don’t believe in hidden fees or unfair practices. Professional junk services are our specialty.

Renting bins in Vancouver can be costly and it requires building permits. It is a good idea to avoid renting bins if you are doing junk removal in West Vancouver.


Do you do couch removal services?

Yes we do. Our company provides couch disposal and other old furniture removal services in the Vancouver area. We dispose of all type of couches and sofas, including sofabeds. We also haul away old furniture such as dinning table, chairs, love seat, dressers and any other furniture items you can think of. The size of your couch doesn’t really change anything about the disposal rate. The only condition we have is for the couch to be free of bed bugs. Also, try keeping the furniture dry. We pay disposal fees at the city dump based on weight. A couch left on the rain for days can make it almost twice as heavy.


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