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Welcome to our company website. We are providing junk removal services for Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver. Our emphasis is on providing flexible disposal services on a professional level. While we are striving towards providing reliable rubbish removal services to residential and commercial clients, we are also managing to keep our rates competitive.

What we offer to our clients

The waste management industry in British Columbia provides a range of disposal services. Our company will assist you in getting rid of unwanted items. Some of our services are:

  • Furniture removal and disposal
  • Construction waste disposal
  • Drywall recycling
  • Household garbage pick up
  • Green waste and food disposal

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Why hire our junk removal company?

These are some of the characteristics which separate us from the rest of the competition:

  • We treat our clients politely, and do not let the stereotypes of the garbage industry dictate to us how we behave, or think
  • You will be dealing with people who will respect you
  • You will deal with someone who knows how to listen to what you need, and respond accordingly with a realistic flexibility
  • None of the bait and switch tactics are tolerated in our company
  • Your property and neighbours will be respected while we are working

Rubbish Removal cost

Our service rates are based on the volume your items take after they are loaded onto our truck. Naturally, most people would like to stick to a budget, so we offer estimations over the phone. If you give us a call at 604-910-7549, you will have a quote after a short one-minute conversation with one of our representatives. You can also send us a text message with pictures of your items.

Cost for removing one large item

The removal of single items, such as a dining table, couch, or a mattress, is in the range of $90 – $120. Adding a 2nd item will provide you with a discount of up to 50%. For example, one couch will cost $100 to haul away to the landfill, and a 2nd couch, or an item of similar size, will cost you an extra $50.

How to book a pick up?

We can be reached by our contact page or a simple call to 604-910-7549. It takes less than 2 minutes to book an appointment.

On the day of the pick up

We will provide you with a 2-hour window of ETA. If requested, we can give you a call 30 min prior to our arrival. Most of the time, we are on the dot, but due to the unpredictable nature of Vancouver traffic, we cannot always be there at the exact time of scheduling.

Once we arrive, you can sit down and enjoy watching us doing all the work.

Before we load anything, we have to sort it based on our recycling policy. This sorting is also carried out due to the fact that our industry is under strict regulations regarding how each type of junk or recyclable material is disposed of.

Once we load all the rubbish, we will head down to either the North Shore Transfer Station, recycling facilities, or charities, depending on what sort of items we need to dispose of.

Furniture removal

If you have a couch, mattress, boxspring, dining table, chairs, dresser, tv stand, or any other type of furniture, we will be able to haul it away to the city landfill. Most of these items cost anywhere between $90 and $120 to dispose of. More information can found on our furniture disposal page.

Couch removal removal services

Any couch reaches the end of the line, and you are probably wondering what to do with it. As part of our furniture disposal service, we can haul away your old couch to the dump. If your couch is not that old, and it is in a  good condition, then we can donate it for you. We have more information on the couch removal service on this page.

Additional fees

Our rates are based on the assumption that most of your junk will be made of items that are of an average weight, and it will be easy to carry to the truck. Let us elaborate on these two aspects.

What is an average weight of rubbish? Perhaps it is easier to just list some of the items that are considered to be an exceptionally heavy, and therefore increase the junk removal cost. Here are some of the main items that we charge extra for:

  • Rocks
  • Cement
  • Soil and dirt
  • Tiles
  • Old wet wood

For items that take too long to carry to the truck, we have additional labour fees under some conditions. For example for a full load, the client will get 1 free hour of labour. Any additional labour, will be charged at $60/h, for two people. It is rare for 2 of our guys, not to be able to load a full truck if the items are within 30 feet. If the items are large, they can even work faster, since it is fewer trips. In that case, then the items can be much further than 30 feet, and you need not worry about extra labour cost.

All this can be determined much better once we talk to you on the phone. Experience shows that about 80% of our projects are free of extra charges, and most of them are large pick ups.


We have been in the rubbish removal business for over 10 years. This experience allows us to do the job in the most efficient and cost effective way.


We will show up on time and do what has been promised. All the items will be taken out with care, and your property will not sustain any damage in the process.


We only hire people who are polite and know how to engage with our clients in a civilized manner.


Here are a few of many junk removal projects we have completed for our customers. We provide a professional service
which includes consultation and free estimate.




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