Vancouver Junk Removal is a business dedicated to providing the most reliable disposal services for residential and commercial clients in British Columbia.


Our rates are on the most competitive level. We emphasize on recycling and efficiency which allows us to have rates 50% lower than most 1-800-JUNK competitors.


We'll tell you your total charge prior to loading.

Couch removal services for North Vancouver

Our junk removal company provides couch removal and disposal services for North Vancouver. We can also assist you in donating your sofa, or other furniture, that is of good condition.

Why hire our sofa disposal service?

We believe that our way of doing business is on a much higher professional level, than most of our competition. Our team is comprised of individuals who will respect your property. Furniture will be hauled outside your house, without causing any damage. Building regulations will be respected for clients living in apartment properties. We are polite, punctual and reasonable, which is in scarcity in our industry.


Couch removal cost

The rate for this kind of service falls under the furniture removal category. The average cost for hauling away one couch is $90. Each additional furniture piece, of similar size, will cost up to $50. Smaller furniture items, as an addition to the disposal of a couch, will cost as little as $20-$30. All fees are subject to 5% GST. No hidden charges.


How to schedule a pick up for a couch?

We can be reached on 604-910-7549 for booking or questions. We will ask you about your address and convenient time for pick up. Usually, we require few days advanced notice. Urgent pick ups are available, but they carry additional fees.

Pick up day

We provide our clients with an estimated time of arrival. Due to unpredictable traffic on the North Shore, we find this to be the best way to schedule a pick up. If requested, we can give you a call prior to our arrival.

Once your sofa is picked up, it will be hauled away to the North Shore Transfer Station, or taken for donations, if it is in an usable condition.

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