Junk Removal for North Vancouver

Our Junk Removal team provides reliable, affordable and professional junk disposal services for residences and businesses on the North Shore area for rates as low as 70% of what other junk disposal companies charge. Our policy opposes hidden and unfair additional fees.

$40 per cubic yard ~  240 L Garbage bin

1 cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Prices are based on minimum 3 cubic yards per visit.


  • What types of junk do we haul away?
  • North Vancouver Disposal Fees Explained
  • What are our rates based on in North Vancouver?
  • Green Waste Disposal
  • Why are some green waste disposal jobs more expensive than others?
  • Does our Company recycle?
  • Construction Waste Disposal
  • Drywall disposal
  • Couch Removal
  • Mattress Removal




How big is the truck?

The box is 12 cubic yards. This is comparable to 3-4 pickup trucks.
junk removal north vancouver truck


Disposal Fees Explained

Follow this link for full list of our disposal fees. Residents in North Vancouver have very diverse rubbish and establishing a pricing system can be a challenge.  There are two types of orders in regards to volume. Single item and multiple items pick ups. Single item is items such as couch, stove, mattress and box spring, dinner table, tv, refrigerator and so on. For each item we have a set disposal fee. At first glance rates for single items might seem high but you have to keep in mind that it takes on average 2 hours for an item to be disposed. Therefore it is always better to have more than one item ready for junk removal. This puts you in the multiple item pickup category. You will notice that the deals are getting better as your order gets bigger. This is when the fees are based on volume. A full truck load carries a fee of around $400. Half of the truck is close to $200 and one third is in the range of $150. We do our best to arrange the garbage in a way that you can get the most of the volume you pay for. For example we place the flat items first so it would not leave any gaps at the bottom while we pile up the rest on top. It is almost like playing the tetris game! Keep in mind that these are curb side rates and if you have heavy items, then the rates will increase as well. However, you will be informed about such details prior to us loading.
Some clients in North Vancouver might get higher fees than what we have listed for multiple items. Sometimes, clients have their rubbish in a basement at the back of their property and the only way to get to it is from the front street. We have to carry everything from the basement, around the house to the truck. For a full load of garbage removal, this could add as much as 2-3 extra labor hours. In some cases clients have a big pile of small items that are not bagged or are in boxes. If this pile of rubbish is not close enough to the truck, then no more than few items can be carried at a time. This adds more time and labor.  The majority of our orders actually do not fall into these exception we just mentioned and even if they do, we let our customers know before we proceed. This way our clients can decide if they are willing to pay the extra fees before we start loading anything.

What are our disposal fees based on?

Our disposal rates are a combination of the following:
Fees that our company has to pay to pay at the transfer station. Labor cost. Fuel cost. Truck maintenance. Website maintenance and online marketing/advertising.  After few years of averaging these costs, we have come up with a fees that are satisfactory for our company and our clients. Our fees are still one of the lowest.

Green Waste Disposal

junkremovaltruck3If you are a resident of North Vancouver, you very well know how much maintenance our backyards require. All that maintenance leaves tons of green waste to be hauled away.  Our company hauls away the following green waste


In general our junk removal company cannot haul away soil and dirt due to the fact that it is very heavy and this type of material is best handled by a landscaping company.  They will do it faster and cheaper since they have the right equipment.  However, in some cases where there is a little bit soil mixed with other green waste, we will make an exception and haul it away for you.

Why are some green waste jobs more expensive than others?

In most cases the difference in junk removal North Vancouver disposal fees is in the labor it takes.  A pile of evergreens will be much easier to carry and load into a truck than a pile of small branch trimmings mixed with soil. Evergreens branches and easy to carry by grabbing few at a time. On the other hand, green waste that is in a pile and not in paper bags will have to be bagged or placed in bins and then dumped on top of the truck. Weight is the other factor that will play a role. Wet firewood can be as much as 2-3 times heavier than a dry green waste.  There are few factors that need to be taken into consideration. However, those factors will be explained to you before we start hauling for you. This way you know what to expect when it comes to hauling fees before you commit.

Does our Company recycle?

Our company recycles everything that is recyclable. However, don’t take our word for it. Visit the North Shore Transfer Station and see for yourself how strict North Vancouver has become with regards to treating recyclables as general rubbish.  North Vancouver has established very strict rules on what goes into the general garbage pile and what is recycled.  For example our company cannot dispose of the following types of rubbish without using the recycling facilities:
Cardboard, metal, mattress, box spring, green waste, soil, firewood, any wood that is not treated and doesn’t have nails in it, refrigerator, freezer, stove, washer, dryer, electronics such as tv, computers, printers, light bulbs, batteries, propane tanks, tires, drywall. The list of recyclables is growing every year and the bigger the list, the more work is required on our side since rubbish has to be separated into more different piles and in some cases driven to different locations. However, we don’t mind doing the extra work. It is better for the future of our children.

Construction Waste Disposal

drywallConstruction waste is the type of rubbish that needs to be treated a little bit different than the other junk we dispose.  The City of North Vancouver has strict bylaws regarding what construction waste is disposed at the North Shore Transfer Station.  For example Drywall is recycled and for that reason, it cannot be mixed with other rubbish. Drywall is collected at the same location but in different pile inside the dump station. Some of our clients are not aware of this fact and often they mix dry wall with other construction material.
Metal is the other material that is recyclable. Like dry wall, metal is disposed in a different section of the North Shore Transfer Station.
Fees for construction waste are different in most cases. Except for dry wall, differences in fees come from the weight of the construction material. For example tiles are 2-3 times heavier than construction wood.  In such cases, fees are much higher. In the case of dry wall, the North Shore Transfer Station charges our company double the disposal fees and therefore this type of construction waste is much more expensive to haul away.

Drywall Disposal for North Vancouver

If you live on the North Shore and you have drywall that needs to be disposed of, you have found the right company. Before you call us, our crew would like to provide you with few facts regarding drywall disposal. Drywall is not the same as general garbage. The city of North Vancouver recycles drywall and disposal at their dump grounds is pretty strict regarding this matter. To begin with, the dump station charges double the fees they apply on general rubbish. Naturally this forces our company to have higher fees for drywall. We are not sure what exactly makes recycling of drywall so expensive, but this is a topic beyond the purpose of this web site.  Another fact we need to take into consideration is that drywall is much heavier than other construction waste material. Therefore a small pile of drywall can carry fees higher than a big pile of rubbish.
There is also another important fact that we have to make clear to our clients. The landfill does not take all the drywall that residents need to be disposed of. For example, if a client has drywall with anything stuck to it, the North Shore Transfer Station would not accept it. In some cases clients place broken down drywall mixed with other material such as dirt, wood, tiles and such, in bags and separating all materials from the drywall is almost impossible. In this case, no dump station would accept it. Therefore, we are hoping that you have read this material before you start placing your rubbish together with the drywall that needs to be disposed of.  If it is big pieces of drywall, then it will be easy for our crew to fish it out. However, if it is small pieces of drywall mixed with other small pieces of other rubbish, it is understandable why we won’t be able to accept it.


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  • Why does a renovation project cost so much?

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  • What is the timeline for the project?

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  • What is the total budget for construction?

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  • How is renovation project initiated?

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