Vancouver Junk Removal provides  the most reasonably priced waste management solutions for the city of Vancouver. Whether  it is residential or commercial clients, we treat every job with the same level of professionalism.  Our team will show up on time and haul away your unwanted junk items for disposal fees lower than any 1800 JUNK companies. In most cases our rates are  50% less than what the large companies charge.

 Junk Removal Rates

$40 per cubic yard ~  240 L Garbage bin

1 cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Prices are based on minimum 3 cubic yards per visit.

burnaby junk removalDisposal rates are based on few conditions. If you have a single item such as a mattress ,box spring or any other furniture, then there is a fee for that item. However, if you have junk comprised by multiple items, it would not be fair to us to charge you for each item a separate fee. If you have two mattresses, we will not charge you twice the same fee.  The more items you have, the cheaper the fee per item becomes. Therefore, for multiple items job, we charge per volume.  If you have 3 couches, you will be charged for the volume the 3 couches take, which will be much less than if you have to pay for each individual couch. However, one of the best way to save money on junk removal is  to have all the rubbish piled on the curb or any place on your property where we can access easily. If we can back up our truck to the pile and load it without having to walk around your property, the savings in labour will be passed onto you. Visit our Junk Removal Prices for a complete list of our rates.

How big is the truck?

The truck  is 12ft x 8ft x 5ft. This is 12 cubic yards. If we have to, we can put 6-7 couches.  We try to arrange waste in a way that we get the most in the truck. Scroll bellow to see some videos that will give you some idea on the size.

What items do we dispose of?

We take most of the junk that you could have in your house. Starting from furniture and ending with green waste.  Some of the junk that we cannot take is due to the fact that the city of Vancouver imposes certain restrictions on us what we can and cannot dump at the landfills.  Find a complete list of the items we take and don’t take here.


Often people ask us if our company recycles. Our hauling team recycles everything that  can be recycled. Actually, there is no way around recycling certain waste. The city of Vancouver landfill is very strict on this topic and no recyclable junk makes it in the general garbage.  Metal, unpainted wood, firewood,soil, greens, paints, drywall, mattress and box spring, light bulbs and all electronics. All these types of waste cannot be placed with the other trash. If we do, we face big fines. If we keep on doing it, we could get banned from the Vancouver transfer stations and our junk removal business will be over.

Information on Green waste disposal

In the summer months we deal with green waste on daily basis. Trees, branches, leaves, bushes, firewood and grass falls into our green waste category.  Disposal cost for green waste can very significantly due to the nature of green waste. For example evergreen big branches require few working hours to load them. They are easy to carry and pile on top of each other. This kind of green waste will have the usual  fees listed on our price list and there will be no extra charges.  However, in some other cases additional labor is required when dealing with green waste. For example if a client has small trimmings and leaves in a pile, and they are not in paper bags, then this will take additional labour to get the it on top of the truck. In order to save money, we advise our clients to place smaller branches and leaves in paper bags. Our  company does not remove dirt and soil since this type of material falls into the landscaping work. The dump station in Vancouver has limits on the amount and quality of soil that we can dispose and this work is best left for a landscaping company. They will do it faster and cheaper for our clients. In some cases, there is some soil mixed with the other green yard waste. In those cases, we will remove it for your but there will be extra charge due to additional labor and higher fees we have to pay at the land field. Soil is very heavy. For example a cubic yard of soil is 5-6 times heavier than other materials. At the land field, our business is billed based on the weight of the green waste we bring to them.

Some Information on construction waste disposal

Fees for construction waste  can go up and down more than any other type of pick up projects. The reason for that is construction waste involves garbage that is different in weight, size, cost of disposing it and how long it takes for it to be loaded.  Most haul away jobs differ in similar ways but construction waste is usually in a pile and things need to be separated before it is taken to the dump station. The rules for construction waste are very different and much stricter in Vancouver. For example wood, dry wall, metal, and bricks go into different places in the transfer station in Vancouver.  Dry wall also brings a double disposal fees when dropped at the transfer station.  Most of the time construction waste material is in a big pile and all those four types are mixed and often it is hard to pull the different types apart. This adds a lot to the labor costs. It is also harder to load on our truck.

Drywall disposal for Vancouver

Drywall is treated in Vancouver as a very different type of rubbish. To begin with drywall cannot be placed with the general garbage. Companies engaging in such methods are fined most of the time. Drywall is recycled in Vancouver.  The city of Vancouver dump charges double the fees for drywall. We are not sure why this is the case but this is the reality our company has to deal with.

There is also another important fact about drywall  that needs to be stated.  The city of Vancouver does not allow any other material mixed with drywall. Few of our clients not knowing this fact, have given us bags of drywall mixed with dirt, wood and other small items that is almost impossible to separate. If the bags are full of big sheets of drywall and other garbage, then that wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but usually this is not the case.  Therefore, please do not mix drywall with other waste.

Sometimes the drywall clients need disposed have other material stacked to it that cannot be removed.  Such construction material could be tiles, wood, or plaster.  Since September 2011 the City of Vancouver transfer station would not take drywall that has anything stuck to it.

In few months anything that can be plugged into a power outlet, has to be taken to the recycling facility. This way, all electronics are guaranteed to be recycled.

 Couch Removal

Our company can help you get rid of your old couch or sofa. Couch removal is pretty simple transaction. We come to your house and we load it on the truck. Then the couch like all other furniture is taken to the city landfill for disposal. For full list of furniture removal rates, please visit our rates section of the website. All couch removal jobs have pretty much the same fee but there are some exceptions. For example some couches are too difficult to take outside the property and they have to be broken down. Others are much heavier than the rest and those carry some extra fees. However, that fee is never bigger than $10 – $20. Some clients ask us if we remove a couch that has bed bugs. Unfortunately we cannot assist them in such cases due to the fact that we want to keep our trucks free of bed bugs.

How can you save money on your couch disposal?

Have it ready for us at the curb side. This makes our job much faster.  Another thing you can do is if you couch is outside, don’t leave it on the rain. Cover it with something so it would not get wet. Wet fabric is heavier and we get charged more for the extra weight at the landfill.

Do we donate our couches?

Most charity organizations fear bedbugs and naturally they would refuse couches which look suspicious. Some simply refuse to take any furniture.

As you most of you already know, cardboard and paper must be recycled by all junk removal companies operating in Vancouver. There are no exceptions and there shouldn’t be any. The fines are stiff for not complying to these by-laws but we still see almost everyday companies breaking the rules. If you have the chance of entering the North Shore Transfer Station in North Vancouver you might see the city inspectors checking the garbage for recyclable materials such as cardboard and paper. We say “might” because most likely the inspector is at the scale issuing tickets to one of the rubbish removal companies for dumping cardboard with the rest of the trash. The main reason these companies are not willing to follow the rules is that it takes time to sort the cardboard and paper from the rest of the garbage. The recycling facility is just across the city dump but this place has its own rules. For example cardboard has to be broken down and separated from the mixed paper. Then cardboard goes into one bin and the mixed paper into another. This, as stated earlier, takes some time to do and garbage disposal companies don’t like doing it. One way to make sure your cardboard does not end up in the garbage is to have it ready for the recycling bins. However, our company always does the extra work if our clients don’t have their cardboard ready for recycling. Books are related to this type of recyclable material.  They actually are taken to the same facility. Good books are donated to the blue bins and they end up at schools and charities. Books that are not that interesting will end up in the mixed paper for recycling and more books will be printed from them :-).

Are there any hidden fees?

Not all trash is the same and some extra fees may have to be applied to the total charge. However, we will never hide those from you before we load your items. Some of our competition has a little trick that they like to pull on their clients. Usually, those later become our clients. They would quote one rate and after the rubbish is loaded, the rate will be inflated with the help of hidden fees such as labour, fuel cost and even dumping fees. This practice is very unprofessional but some of these companies claim that they can’t survive without. We believe in telling our clients everything upfront prior to loading everything. For example it is not that easy to estimate the labour involved over the phone. A client would tell us that the rubbish is 20 ft from the drive way. When arriving the clients might want to also empty his/her basement. This naturally involves way more labour and we would inform the customer the extra cost that will be involved. At this point, he/she can make a decision if they want to continue with our service. Another example might involve a particular rubbish such a drywall which was hidden under the pile of garbage. That drywall was not known to the company representative who gave an estimation. We would then inform the client that drywall carries a little bit of extra fee. However, our representatives try to cover most of these potential scenarios while talking to the client on the phone. The point is not to do anything before the client has agree to the extra charges.

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