Junk Removal Services for West Vancouver

Our company provides junk removal services for residential and commercial customers. Our emphasis is on professional conduct and upfront pricing.

Services We Provide

  • Removal and disposal or household items
  • Furniture removal and disposal
  • Green Waste recycling
  • Large and small Appliances removal and recycling
  • Recycling of cardboard, paper, paint and other recyclable materials

Why Hire Our Services

Some of the principles we hold:

  • We honour our promisses
  • Always on time
  • Upfront fees
  • Friendly and considerate towards our customers

Our Service Rates

Our service rates are simple and upfront in view to our clients being able to stick to their budgets. No hidden fees.

Single Item Pick Up

Our hauling fee for removal and disposal of one large item is $90. A couch, mattress, boxspring, dining table are some of the items qualifying as large. Add a 2nd large item for only $50. All fees are subject to 5% GST. No hidden charges. Labour and disposal fees are included! We also offer curbside discounted rates. 

Larger Volume Pick Up

Our truck is 15 cubic yards which can hold as much as 4 pickup trucks. Fees are based on how much the truck is filled with items. Estimation is provided prior to work done so our clients can stick to their budgets. We also offer quotes over the phone which usually takes less than a minute.  You can also send us a text message with pictures of your items. You can reach us at 604-910-7549.

  • 1/8 load – $100
  • 1/4 load – $150
  • 1/3 load – $200
  • Half load – $300
  • 3/4 load – $450
  • Full load – $600

Fees are subject to 5% GST. Our curbside rates offer a 15% discount rate. Please call for details.

We do all the work and lifting. The fee for full load includes 1 free hour of labour by a team of 2 men. Half a load comes with 30 min free labour, etc. We provide our clients with estimated labour time before we begin work.

Book your appointment under 2 minutes!

Waste is a terrible thing to mind!


How To Book an Appointment

Scheduling a pick up is simple and quick. Just give us a call at 604-910-7549 or fill in our contact form. We may have a couple of questions regarding the items you need us to haul away for you. The most common questions are of the following nature:

  • How many items are there?
  • How far are the items from where we can park our truck?
  • How soon do you need us to haul them away from your property?
  • Any restrictions on parking or building rules by management?
  • Any drywall, chemicals or other hazardous materials we need to be aware of?

How We Work

We always arrive within the 2-hour window of your appointment. If requested we offer a 30 minutes courtesy call prior to our arrival. Once we arrive, we find a proper parking spot at or near your property. You show us where the junk is and we get to work. Everything is loaded as quickly as possible while we remain mindful of not damaging your property or upsetting your neighbours.

Once the project is completed, we can process your payment. We accept the following payments:

  • Cheque
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Cash
  • E-Transfer (Email transfer)

If requested you can be issued an invoice or receipt for your payment.

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