How to find good junk removal services in Vancouver?

The city of Vancouver is growing, and one of the side effects of this, is that more people are in need of a good rubbish removal company. The number of service providers have followed this growth, but that has also lowered the quality of this particular service. In this article we will focus on some steps, commercial and residential clients, can take in order to find the best hauling company operating in Vancouver.

Big vs Small junk removal business?

While there are some good small operators, most are problematic. The stereotype is the guy with a pickup truck, who is looking for some extra cash money on the weekend. Craigslist is full of those guys. What is the issue these players on the market? The biggest issue is that they are not reliable. If you don’t mind spending the whole day waiting for them to show up, then you can hire.

Liability is the other issue. Don’t forget that you will be letting people into your house, to carry out your items. Security is one side of this problem, but also there is another one, that most clients miss. Bed bugs! Small companies are struggling for business, and they would take on any project. They are the ones, who are willing to work with bed bug mattresses and other furniture. Letting them in your house, might get you some unwelcome guests.

This is not to say, that you can’t find a small company that provides a good service. Just make sure you screen them, before you hire them.

The large guys, will provide you with an extremely good service, but with them you have to really watch your wallet. They are much pricier than the small companies. However, there is a way around this. When you are discussing your case, make sure you find out about all the extra fees, that might be applied. Extra fees, are not always a sneaky way to get more money from clients. However, if the customer representative does not let you know about them, then you should consider yourself for being taken advantage of. It is a good business practice to ask the client few questions, which can determine if there will be any potential extra fees.

Get on the phone, and talk to them. This is the best way to determine, what kind of company you are dealing with. Use your judgment.

Hauling fees that are published online are a bit misleading, and it will be hard for you to compare them. Do your best, but keep in mind, that some rubbish removal companies, do not include their disposal fees or labour cost. This makes their service fees more attractive, but it also creates conflicts with their customers. So, while on the phone, make sure you walk away with the full range of fees.

With this, we will conclude this little guideline on how to hire a professional junk removal company in Vancouver.