About free junk removal in Vancouver

Once in a while,we receive a call by a person, who is asking if we charge for our services. At first we were surprised at this sort of question, but after a while we realized, that there is some merit behind it. Naturally, we can’t operate as a business if we do not charge for the junk removal services we offer. However, in this article, we will discuss some of the free alternatives our clients can explore. All the pros and cons will be examined, and the client has to make the final decision.

Selling your furniture instead of using junk removal services

20141028_082949There is market for everything, and we as a rubbish removal company realize that many of the items we throw away, can be sold on-line. The reason we don’t this as part of our business, is because it is too time consuming. Also, it is a logistical issue.

Selling your old couch on Craiglist, can make you some money, and for sure can save you on junk removal. However, be prepared to spend some of your time on this task. Craigslist is a great site, but when it comes to large items, people are having difficulty finding transportation. For that reason, there will be many cancellations to pick up dates, and you will end up waiting at home for nothing.

Donating vs Junk removal

This is an easier option, since when you are giving things for free, it is easier to get rid of them. Charities is a good place to start with. However, keep in mind that there are certain items, that they will avoid taking. For example, couches and mattresses could have bed bugs, and these organization, do not want them. Other type of furniture will be fine. You will also need to contact the charity, prior to taking your items to it. Some days, their locations are full, and they can’t take any donations of bulky items.

Free vs Junk removal

So, which one is better? Obviously, if you want to save money, the free option should be explored, before you call a junk removal company. However, if you want it done on time and the right way, hire a professional hauling company to take care of it. It is not that easy. This has been true for most industries, not just for the junk removal world.