Why hire a junk removal company?

Let me take you on the journey that I have experienced since I started my garbage hauling business back in 2008. Once you are done reading my story you will get a good understanding to the question posted as a title to this article.

I started the business some time ago and at the very beginning I fell into the trap of wanting to keep everything that I perceived to be of value. My clients paid me to get rid of some many items that I could find use for in the future. However, this was just an illusion. These people were throwing them away for a good reason.

Fast forward and today I have less than ¼ of the possessions I had back in 2008. This process of getting rid of my own junk started gradually after I started to notice that I never really needed those items of perceived value. They had value for someone but not for me. Finding this someone online was not an easy tasks so I gave up trying to sell these things. Some I gave away to friends and the rest were hauled away to the dump in North Vancouver.

Get rid of you old junk

As a general rule, if you haven’t used something in few years, you don’t need it. Naturally, there are exceptions that are common sense but most people will understand the merits of this rule. Hire a junk removal company do get your old couch removed if it is just used once every 5 years when a relative comes by.

Call a junk removal company before you call a moving company

I had few cases that are good examples why you should follow this rule. I had a client from North Vancouver who didn’t have enough time to look at what he needs to move and what needs to be thrown to the dump so he just hired a moving company that moved everything from the old house to the new property. A week later he hired my rubbish removal business to get rid of the unwanted items. He spent $6000 on moving expenses and I had to haul away half of the items. He end up paying $1200 in junk removal fees. Take your time and decide what you really need in your house and make your life easy when you are moving to a new place.

Rubbish removal company will make your house bigger

Not literary but once you get rid of all the garbage you don’t need, you will finally be able to use that garage for what it was built for. So often I see my clients not being able to use the garage and the basement for anything else but to store things that are of no use to them.

Do yourself a favor and call a good junk removal company and allow them to take away things from you that you don’t really use or need. Once you taste the freedom of having a clean house, you will start calling them every year.