Hiring a junk removal company in North Vancouver

Junk removal truck in North Vancouver

Junk removal truck in North Vancouver

How do you hire those hauling companies, that you keep on seeing, driving on the North Shore? How are they pricing their service, and what should you expect from this type of service? All these questions, and others as well, will be answered in this article. Treat this article as a guide, which you probably should keep in case you ever need to get rid of your rubbish.

What services do junk removal companies provide in North Vancouver?

For most people, this is an obvious answer. However, I will try to go a little bit deeper into the topic, since there still some misconceptions about garbage removal. For example, there are some tasks, that a hauling company can do for you, but there are other cheaper alternatives. Namely, hiring a junk disposal company, to haul away heavy soil. They can help you with this, but a landscaping company will be able to do it faster and cheaper. Sticking to garbage will be a good plan.

How to find these rubbish removal vendors?

Obviously, doing an on-line search, would be the easiest option. It is a good practice to include the term “North Vancouver” in your search, since you want operators that are located in your area. If you hire a company, all the way from Port Moody, to send a big truck on the North Shore, you have to be prepared to spend extra on fuel cost.

Get a list of about 5 providers, and examine their websites. Here is what you need to find out about their junk removal services:

  • Pricing
  • Types of garbage they take
  • Things they cannot take
  • Size of their trucks
  • Circumstances under which extra fees are applied
  • What the total rates include or exclude
  • Contact information

Having answers to all these aspects will make your experience easier, when dealing with this service.

Junk removal rates

It should be pointed out, that pricing is not everything, since cheaper services, could end up costing you more, if you are not careful. Many companies use this as a strategy to get clients, only to rip them off later.

JunkRemoval Rates-smallHow much does junk removal cost?

This depends on how heavy your garbage is, what type of rubbish you have, and where are your unwanted items located on your property. A full 10 cubic yards truck can range between $400 and $600, depending on the previously listed variables. Single items pick ups are in the range of $80 and $120. Items that have recycling fees, will be in the higher range.

Bulk removal is the cheaper option, if it is broken down for cost per item. Therefore, it is better to gather as much household rubbish as possible, and then call for this service. This won’t work all the time, for some people need to get rid of single items,and they can’t wait.

Single items, such as couch removal and mattress recycling, also have longer waiting periods. The reason for this, is that if a company sends a big truck to your house, just to pick up one item, they have to charge you lots of money. They are able to keep their single items prices low, by scheduling all of the small pick ups on the same day. Usually, it is one or two days each week. If you call them on Monday, but their small pick ups are on Saturday, you may have to wait a bit before they can service you. Therefore, try to plan ahead, if you are in need of a single item disposal.

Rubbish removal companies to avoid

There are some simple rules, that you can follow, when trying to determine if you are dealing with a professional Vancouver company. If any of the items listed below, are displayed by a company, move onto the next one.

  1. No disposal rates on their website
  2. Rude over the phone
  3. Providing fuzzy answers to clear questions about their services
  4. Bad reviews on-line
  5. No website

If you encounter any of these aspects, you will be better served by another company.

Our hope is that this little guide, will allow people in North Vancouver, to make the right decision when hiring a waste management company. This article will continue to be updated with more information, since this topic is extensive in nature. We will be delighted to hear from you.