Hiring junk removal company in North Vancouver during the winter?


Winter junk removal in North Vancouver

This might seem as an odd topic for the junk removal industry in North Vancouver, but after reading this article my clients will understand the intend behind it.

I have been running my business for over 5 years now. It has its origins on the North Shore and this city will always have a special meaning to my startup. There is an interesting period that takes place in this city once the rain arrives in the cold months. For some reason my clients just stop calling me for my junk removal services. I fully understand that this industry is seasonal but I think there is a point to be made that will help my clients save some money and time.


From the months between March and November, we are so busy that quite often we can’t take care of all our clients. It is not unusual to pull 10 hours work days and in many months we have to do this every day for the whole summer. Then the winter months arrive and the junk removal industry gets a break. Once explanation is that once the heavy rain arrives in North Vancouver, people just don’t feel like cleaning up their houses. All the house work is left for when the weather gets better which is understandable. However, there are places on the property that can be cleared of rubbish regardless of how nice it is outside. Read below to find out what we are talking about.

Garage rubbish


The garage always has some garbage that needs to be cleared away. Nothing gets wet there so spending half of the day to pull things out in the middle of the garage will free lots of shelf space. We will come and give you a good deal on that kind of a job. Lets not forget that since we are not as busy, our fees are more flexible. We do have to stick to being able to make a profit, but when our company has more free time, we can take care of smaller jobs like the one described in this paragraph. Also, the fact remains that our scheduling is more open to tailoring. During the busy period in the rubbish removal industry we can’t always service our clients on the dates and hours that they prefer.

Junk in the basement

The other place that a you can focus on is the basement. Open all those old boxes and see what is inside. You will be surprised how much junk can store in boxes that you are not even aware of. Get some garbage bags and put it all inside for us to pick up. Spread out your rubbish pick ups by our company and you will have an easier time and most likely save some money in the process.