Why using junk removal company in Vancouver will help you sell your house?

It is unusual, for a junk removal company to make this claim, but if you read this article, you might change start thinking differently.

I didn’t really come up with this concept. It was a trend, that I started to see with my business. Having clients, calling me when they need to get rid of their rubbish, after they have sold they house, is nothing new to me. However, couple of years ago, my company started to get lots of calls by Real Estate agents. They needed us to clean the house, before it was put on the Vancouver market.

20140808_110132I am not sure, why this trend didn’t start happening earlier. My suspicion is that, it was very easy to sell houses in the past. In the last few years, the market in British Columbia has been getting harder for selling houses. So, naturally, sellers were trying to make their houses more attractive.

This is not that hard to see, why it would work well on the buyer. In my experience as a junk removal guy, I have seen so many big houses, without any free room for anything. People would have so much rubbish in their garages, that they would be forced to keep their cars outside.

The basements are not any better. I’ve seen basements that can be perfect for renting. However, they are full of junk.

Why hire a junk removal company?

I will start with the strongest point. You will need to hire a rubbish removal company anyways, if you are selling. The sooner you start, the better. I had some clients, who were selling, and they would only call me few days before they have to move out. It is not uncommon for big houses, to generate enough junk to fill in 4 or 5 trucks. We could probably do this in day, but the issue is, that the client is never ready with all the garbage. They have to sort and think about what goes to the dump and what will be given to the movers. This takes time, and the whole task may take few days.

If you give yourself enough time, you will be able to better decide, which items you want to keep, and which ones should be hauled away to the dump. If you don’t give yourself a head start, you will probably end up paying movers to move things that you don’t have room for at your next property. As a consequence, you will be calling us to throw it away for you. This will double the cost to you.

The last point, has to do with the fact that when a house is not cluttered with junk, it looks bigger. People that will be buying it, want to picture how their furniture will look at your house. If you have things clogging the rooms, then this won’t look good to them.

Make the whole experience with the selling, moving guys and junk removal company an easy one, by giving us a call. I hope that this article, will convince you on the merits of hiring a junk removal company if you are selling your house.