Junk removal or moving services?

Quite often my clients ask me, if my hauling company provides moving services? There are times, when I able to help them, but more often I have to refuse. In this article, I am going to explain, why the two services are different, and which one is best for you.

The difference between junk removal and moving furniture

The two services seem the same, but they are not, under most circumstances. When we haul garbage away, we take it to the city landfill. Our trucks are not really equipped to transport furniture that is of value to the client. It can easily get damaged. Since our trucks are not covered, we can’t transport furniture without getting it wet on rainy days. We could try to schedule a moving day on a sunny week, but we all know how reliable the weather forecast is in Vancouver.

Our guys are strong, but for really heavy items – such as a piano – one should hire professional movers. They have the right training and knowhow of moving heavy furniture. In addition to this, moving trucks have lifting gates at the back, which are required for heavy furniture. Junk removal trucks do not have those, for we rarely need them,and they are very expensive.

When do we do moves?

Once in a while, we would do this for a client, but I would not really call this a moving job. Usually, it goes like this. A client needs us to get rid of some rubbish from one address. However, before that he asking us, if we can pass by another address and pick up something for him, and bring it to the address where the junk is. We don’t mind doing this, for a scenario of this sort.

Junk removal labour

Labour cost is higher for rubbish removal, than for moving. This is another reason, why we try advice out customers, to hire professional movers, when they are needed. When hauling companies are quoting rates, these rates include the labour for loading the items. When moving to another address, items have to be unloaded at the new property. This complicates rates, and for such reasons, we stay away from mixing the two services. The concern is that we may over price or under price our services.

If you ever needs us to move something for you, give us a call and ask us. Let us hear what you need done, and we will work with you.