North Vancouver Junk Removal – Household rubbish

I got a call from an older gentlemen who needed me do get rid of some household junk such as old garbage bins, some drywall, plant pots, old furniture parts, and general garbage laying around. This gentleman was changing the hardwood flooring at his house and I delivered the wood for him last year. He was surprised to find out that I will also be getting rid of his junk later. He liked my working ethics and he told me if he needs junk removed from his house, he will call me. I didn’t think he will but a year later he called. He was surprised that I remembered where he lived. Every house I’ve been for junk removal job, I remember. So we scheduled an appointment in the morning. I arrived on time as always, and backed up into the alley. We had a little talk regarding my junk removal business and I went to work. He didn’t have a full truck and I gave him a deal. I usually don’t do that because I don’t get much of a break on the disposal fee when my truck is not full. It takes the same time and gas to drive from the customer house to the North Vancouver Transfer Station. The disposal fee also is not that much different unless I am dealing with a heavy rubbish such as red wood, drywall, bathtub, tiles or heavy furniture. Junk disposal stations have minimum charge so even light rubbish costs money. However, this day I was in a good mood and I gave him a deal. I loaded the rubbish truck in about 15 minutes and after a short conversation I headed for the junk station in North Vancouver. I arrived in about 15 minutes and this time there wasn’t too much waiting since it was a rainy day in North Vancouver. I had to first drop the drywall since it cannot be mixed with the rest of the rubbish.